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Bnha??More Like Sobbing4hours  🌷| Dm/email For business📥 |🌷 🔜Matsuricon 🥡Asian boy™️{LvL 16, MALE} 🌺cosplans: Mt.lady,Cyber hanayo, Ayato Kirishima, Astolfo

Im in Tennessee rn so most of my cosplays will be old stuff!! I love you guys!

And the most oppressed group of all....GAMERS.

Im so ready for fallout 76, the last of us two, and elder scrolls 6. Tis truLY. A moist year.

Eeeeeee how is everyone today?

*loli noises* 💝💖💖💓💝💓💓💓💓💓💝💖💖💖uwu

Man I need to get back into the black butler fandom but it makes me go nani the fuck sometimes because some of y’all are a lot

I got trapped in a cooler yesterday. What a great and meaningful experience ill tell ya hhhhwat

Long time no see, Kacchan😈

This burnt boi swoops in and steals ur gurl, wyd?

Don’t talk to me if your names starts with a D and ends with EKU

Mask off mask on🌚🌝

I got an aloe plant and his name is Bakugou

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