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why tf are ethan and dolan in australia.

@ethandolan @graysondolan thot u might need this 😳(i bet it was grayson's fault just saying)

i'll give u games on ur phone, if yanno wat i meanπŸ˜³πŸ’¦ (also peep the link in my bio and read the description pls thx)

we love our girls 😁❀

i made this edit of my sister last night and now i'm making one of the twins lol

okay i sent this to grayson but i think it's important to share with anyone going through a hard time so here it is :) ily all

so uhhh. thanks @ethandolan @graysondolan (i almost leaked my address oops)
update: stop calling me ungrateful lol this whole video is a joke. ofc i'm grateful and i love the twins with my whole heart but please just take a joke. i'm always mean to them in the most loving way possible so just! calm! down! and! stop! trying! to! find! reasons! to! be! angry!

i have been so sick all week i think i'm gonna die

update: i meant to post this on my finsta but i actually posted it here, i regret nothing


@ethandolan @graysondolan just a quick thank u for this merch and shit

YALL HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH I HATE MYSELF FOR THIS // update: how do people not understand this im wjdnenejend ITS THE OUTRO OF CURB yOUR ENTHUSIASM SHDJJD

ok y'all let's stop worrying about the twins cuz they're strong af and whatever's going on i'm sure they're gonna be okay <3 so let's just watch this video of ocean eyes (there's more on @sarahbradymusic yall)

hE deAd

@graysondolan ya gotta be fuckin kidding meπŸ˜«πŸ˜«πŸ˜«πŸ˜«πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦ it's all ur fault

2017 was a crazy ass year for these ass hats and i'm so proud of them. i can't wait for them to accomplish more this year <3. ily guys and i will always support u @ethandolan @graysondolan

well ladies, it's that time. happy 2018

i would apologize to headphone users, but i'm honestly not sorry at all

hi @episode, i'm biggie cheese and i think i should win the #DolanTwibsWhorehouse contest bee cuz im biggie cheese. the first thing i'd say to them when i get there is "hey look over there in the corner i think i see plankton trying to steal the formula" which will distract them and give me enough time to highjack grayson's ford bronco, so that i can show it off and tell everyone that it's mine so i look cool. the video we will make will be called "big bitches with biggie cheese" and it will be a 20 minute long video of all of us eating frosted flakes, and nothing else. if u don't choose me then karma is gonna bite ye in the ass like a damn mosquito on a hoT stiCkY moIsSt summer evening. also @episode i saw ye in my dms askin me to promote the contest, but i'll have u know that biggie cheese only promotes if biggie cheese is going to win. so screw u.
update: the fucking contest is over hELP IM AN IDIOTIDIDJ

happy 118th birthday to these elderly men!!11!!1 i'm such a proud mother goose :') #OneYearCloserToTheEnd

here's an edit guys :). i love all of u and i can't thank u all enough for this overwhelming amount of support. there's almost 2,000 comments and dms to me and i can't read them all or reply to them all but i'm acknowledging as many as i can and i'm so grateful for you guys. thank you ❀❀ unfortunately i just heard this morning that i lost one of my friends in a car accident. he was on his way home from college and he got in a head on collision and i don't know much else about it but today really sucks. i literally just talked to him the other day and i didn't know that would be the last time but i'm just telling u guys to let ur family and friends know u love them because you never know what's gonna happen. thanks for everything guys ilysm

y'all want me to be honest rn? cuz i'm giving y'all the honest truth i'm tired of actin all like "i'm fine i'm just busy with things so i haven't been online much" no. that's partially it but guys stuff hasn't been good lately. i'm just gonna be straight up and say that i'm unhappy and overthink every little thing. i really lost my path in life and my self worth and i'm pushing everyone away left and right and i've practically even lost my best friend. i'm not myself and i don't even know who i am anymore but this is not me and i don't know how to find myself again and honestly i wish i could just get ME back. i don't even know what to think even my parents think differently of me and irreversible damage has been done to my family and friends cuz of my own self destructive behavior. i'm just laying in bed awake right now and i know all of u are here for me but i can't help but to feel alone. it sucks. and this past week i've probably hit rock bottom and just have no motivation and i can't stop thinking and yeah guys that's where i've been at. btw i am the only owner of this account. i had my friends posting on my story to help stay active a little and just for fun but any of the main posts are always me unless someone says otherwise. so yeah. it's sarah. and everything kinda sucks rn. i'm tired of keeping it all in and i feel like u guys deserve to know. and i'm sorry i didn't tell u before. and just to clear things up, no, i am NOT suicidal and i want to live cuz i've had plenty of people thinking i wanna die. that's not the case i just lost myself and my path and can't help but to have no motivation right now. as much as i try to stay positive it's so hard. anyways sorry for shitting on ur timeline and if you've read this much thanks for listening. sorry to let you guys down lately. also, i have never once viewed this account as an obligation, im here for fun and cuz i love the twins. but i miss editing but with the way i've been feeling right now it's just hard to be funny i guess, it's hard for me to explain cuz my emotions rn are unexplainable but. i love all of u with everything i have❀ -sarah

@ethandolan you said it, not me 😳

me: "omfg i hate those delusional fan girls who thinks they're gonna date the twins omg so annoying"

me: *plays episode one time, kisses ethan in the game*


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