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  Born to Lose - Out to Lunch. Punk and Muay Thai 👊🏻

First rule is ‘the laws of Germany’ 🇩🇪 Last night getting wild in Hamburg! @badbadnerves @reeperbahn_festival #punk #powerpop

100mph through Orleans! Tour was a blast ⚡️ @badbadnerves badbadnerves #punk #powerpop #badnerves #hoppophopfestival

Hanging with the Power! @will_nerves France has been killer ⚡️ Amsterdam tomorrow. Right on ✊🏻 @badbadnerves

Ya boys gonna be hitting the road for some Euro chaos this weekend @badbadnerves Gonna be blastin over Hop Pop Fest Orleans, Supersonic Paris, Melkweg Amsterdam and Reeperbahn Fest Hamburg! Right on ✊🏻 @hoppophop @supersonicclub @melkwegamsterdam @reeperbahn_festival @heatwavemagazine @dulceneus ⚡️#badnerves

Sometimes you can take playing music for granted, I know I did. The truth is learning guitar has lead to some of the best experiences in my life, I’ve met the most amazing people who I now consider great friends, and the dudes in the band who are like brothers to me. So if anyone is thinking about learning, don’t fuck about and do it. All you need is a guitar and a copy of the first Ramones record! ⚡️

Felt like Murphy from Robocop walking into this abandoned earthworks #urbanexploration #urbex #forgotten #architexture #urbanexplorers #forgotten #abandonedplaces #abandoned

If I could hang out with anyone in the world it would always be Joey. ⚡️

Throwin it back a few centuries to when me and @fishuur were Highwaymen! Not a day goes by I don’t appreciate friendship with this absolute gem of a human ☠️ #kbd

Another from Saturday, speeding through Brixton at 210bpm ⚡️ @someweirdsinclub Thanks @dulceneus and @heatwavemagazine 🖤 @badbadnerves #punk #powerpop #badnerves

The only police station you wanna be in is an abandoned one! #urbex #abandoned #decay #urbanexploration #lostplace #forgotten #urbandecay #abandonedplaces

What a fucking blast last night was. Big up @someweirdsinclub and all the other killer bands that played. Great to catch up with all the best people! ⚡️ @badbadnerves @someweirdsinclub 📷 @ramblincobra

Remembering the King today ⚡️

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