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Cricket  Mama Hairstylist Plant eater Too much , and too little's child. Raised by wolves, searching for decorum .

Happy Father's Day to the greatest man I know . I hope you get spoiled with all the cherry cheesecake and sweets you can handle . Love ya pops , wish I could be there 😔
#daddysday #love #depthoverdistance

What does being vulnerable mean to you ?
It's a fact of life that you can't truly form a relationship without some form of vulnerability . You have to open up at one time or another .
This has been particularly hard for me , and as I get older , I am slowly learning how to let people in . Maybe not always successfully , but the attempt is there.
The truth is I tend to keep people at arms length . Even my closest friends and family , know there is some degree of distance . Whether this is a result of past trauma , or a result of the paranoia I feel everyday as someone who lives with anxiety , I'll never be sure.
The ones that I am closest to, have fought for that position . They fight back when I push them away . They have seen me at my worst , and never judged me . They stood strong when I couldn't , and brought comfort through the chaos . They know I don't really want them gone . It's an internal struggle with myself .
Vulnerability has many meanings to me , some that I cannot express but only feel , and knowing that everyone has a different definition , I'm curious to know what makes you feel truly vulnerable .
This POST is vulnerability to me. THE WORDS , NOT THE PICTURE .
It's ironic how comfortable and at peace I am in my most raw , natural state . It's not an issue of confidence necessarily . I don't always love my body (like every woman ) but I love my nakedness .
It's my insides I keep cautiously hidden , and my feelings so carefully guarded . What does that say ? What does that mean ?
Just some food for thought and an excuse to post this badass photograph by the one and only @joanna.crichton
#vulnerability #warrior #lovethyself

It's just the cutest little teacup plant!!!! Thank you @tyyyrina for being so very thoughtful , and so damn creative . ❤️
This one will look great in my bathroom ........but now the other rooms are jealous 😏😉

Last day at Wella Master Color Expert training . Back in the salon tomorrow . We had so much fun , but sweet Jesus , do I ever miss all my loves back home. I'll be spending my night snuggling in bed 😍

#mce #wellalife #training #hairstylist #salon #wellacolor

A blonde and a redhead walk into an awards show .....
#mybossisbetterthanyours #trendvisionawards2017 #wellalife #greatlengths

Hairstylists on the loose !
Wonderful time at the 2017 Trend Vision awards . Congrats to all the semi finalists !! Such a beautiful tribute to the one and only Fabio Semintilli ... such a huge loss for our industry 😩

#wellalife #trendvision2017 #hairstylists #parties

Girls bathtub party 🙌🏻🛁 We miss you already @lucyzemba
#myfriendsarecoolerthanyours #whatamigoingtodofor5months #bathtub #parties

Walk barefoot
Listen to the wind
Drink in the moon
Be love
Be magic .... Missing this today . Looking forward to warmer weather where Parkas are not required 🙄

#jasper #rockymountains #westcoastisthebestcoast #fullmoonparty

"The only people for me are the mad ones ........"
- Jack Kerouac
#snugglebuddy #silvertabby #catsofinstagram

Awww yeah girl , brows on fleek 🙋🏻👌😼 #shesfancy #sphynxlife #sphynxlove #sphynxofinstagram #sphynx #brows #catsofinstagram

There she is. . . the “too much” woman. The one who loves too hard, feels too deeply, asks too often, desires too much.

There she is taking up too much space, with her laughter, her curves, her honesty, her sexuality. Her presence is as tall as a tree, as wide as a mountain. Her energy occupies every crevice of the room. Too much space she takes.

There she is causing a ruckus with her persistent wanting, too much wanting. She desires a lot, wants everything—too much happiness, too much alone time, too much pleasure. She’ll go through brimstone, murky river, and hellfire to get it. She’ll risk all to quell the longings of her heart and body. This makes her dangerous.

She is dangerous.

And there she goes, that “too much” woman, making people think too much, feel too much, swoon too much. She with her authentic prose and a self-assuredness in the way she carries herself. She with her belly laughs and her insatiable appetite and her proneness to fiery passion. All eyes on her, thinking she’s hot shit.

Oh, that “too much” woman. . . too loud, too vibrant, too honest, too emotional, too smart, too intense, too pretty, too difficult, too sensitive, too wild, too intimidating, too successful, too fat, too strong, too political, too joyous, too needy—too much.

She should simmer down a bit, be taken down a couple notches. Someone should put her back in a more respectable place. Someone should tell her.

Here I am. . . the Too Much Woman, with my too-tender heart and my too-much emotions.
A hedonist, feminist, pleasure seeker, empath. I want a lot—justice, sincerity, spaciousness, ease, intimacy, actualization, respect, to be seen, to be understood, your undivided attention, and all of your promises to be kept.
(Continued in comments )fabulous writing by the talented @evyan.whitney

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