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Diego Zurek  Climbing - Hiking - mountaineering in the Great Andean range, Colombia. South América. Huge volcanic massif to discover.


The day of the big legs have began. Take your pack enjoy the summits, the trails, the hikes, your friends and families.
Don't bother about problems, bother about plane tickets and a safe back home! @crestedoutdoor

Good vibes from the heights.
Experience does more than youth, and this girls smashed the volcano. #tolimavolcano,
#mygrandnma can Climb too.

PNN Los nevadados. #pnnlosnevados.
@crestedoutdoor In deep blue skies.

Fog is adventure these days. #bringtheumbrella

How often do you see the sky, blue, these days?. Well here is the answer, you will have to wait until March. Right now Colombia 🇨🇴 is having for the second time #laniña. The eastern part of the #Pacific #ocean is colder; nature has two faces, "el niño" brought the warmest temp on the tropics, now two years later, "la niña" is having its consequences. Bring on your umbrella, your poncho and rain plastic, rebel like boots.
Don't forget you will get dirty. Have fun. #botapantanera 🤔

El bosque.
National park Los Nevados..

Happy new year!
@crestedoutdoor wishes you the best and safe adventures 2018!!

Isn't hard to imagine the world with out these places, all hidden and still, preserved for us. Keeping time, history; and succeed in the race between men and nature.
The world keeps them hide, as far as they can get; we make them our home for few days, so we can enjoy time that do not happen, that do not run away with the rat race.

Down The Valley we stop for water, it was a warm day, after all this cold days. We were thirsty as if we would have ever been before. Load up the bottles, kept with the hike.
Another long day just in front of us;
Remoteness was calling.
And it was time to cross again.
Rising clouds from the #magdalenavalley, gave me an idea on how the weather could be. We kept on going, we had no time for beauty or talking, 17km to put in our legs.
#tolimavolcano ,

With time on our side and the summit done it was time to keep ahead with the #hike. Off the volcano, we took for day 4. #crestedoutdoors,

Lucky we had stopped the rain, sun came up, just before set, so we dried the gear, warm up some bones and got to sleep for the next hike. This is half of the trip and more km where ahead of us, we were doing the loop at #losnevadosnationalpark,
So this was just the #test.

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