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Catherine Emond  is this thing on?

thank you, @aoiibetaupsilon ❤️

“ SANDY!?? Danny?? “

#Grease #Will #Never #Die

how many Gallo reps does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

babez n brewz

dance mom but for wine

my brand!!!

True Life: I cannot spell restaurant w/o autocorrect

One of the very legitimate reasons @bigthibbies34 and I went to Nashville was to go to @uncommonjames. I literally have loved this stuff even before the E! Show but I would be lying if I said I didn’t watch the show at all (of course I watch the f***** show).
. .
When we eventually went inside I did everything BUT play it cool. The jewelry is honestly beautiful. The store looks amazing. I am 90% sure I saw Kristen Cavallari from behind a door working in her office and I was at an actual loss for words. I bought everything in my hand and left, after reassuring the cashiers (who DIDN’T ASK) that I “wasn’t just another fan” (I am, in fact, a huge fan why in God’s name did I think that was a bad thing??? Did I think I sounded cool????). Anyway they posted this today and I’m very literally freaking out. .
. .
So if you’re in the area, go to the store. The stuff is somehow even better in person. Or buy it online. & if you’re wondering, yes, I will sign autographs at a meet & greet soon.

finally starting to feel like home ☺️

hate captions like this more than anything but hey @bigthibbies34 can we go back here now?

I have an extra ticket to a John Mayer concert if you want it

king of my heart

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