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Crystal Sanchez "Creestaaal®"  🌱VeganStraightEdgeAF Mexicana🇲🇽 ➡@VeganMakeupShare💄 ➡@HispanicVegansofig🌽🍅 FurBabies🐾Earth🌎🌕🔮 ✊AnimalAdvocate🐷🐱BloggerModel🦄TAKEN❤️J🐯

Such a shame that @dominos Spokesperson Feels this way about their Animal loving customers😿...When I have been a customer since I was 5 years old!!! @dominos Please reconsider your position and please have #DairyFree options ❤️ Thank you💓#dominos #dominospizza #animallover

Early this morning my friend @queen_bee83 saw a defenseless Raven bird on the side of the road 🙈so she contacted me and I took him to ➡️ #SunshineHavenWildlifeRehabCenter which is a Non-Profit organization that helps all animals from my zone. We are awaiting to see how the Raven does as they are hydrating him/her every 30 mins or so. They also have very low funding so if you'd like to donate to them Please do: ➡️PayPal: I'm very thankful I was able to have today off and have a rental car to help this beautiful Raven out🖤 We still don't know what's wrong with him/her but I hope he / she pulls through. Meanwhile I was there I got to have a glimpse of tons of wildlife in need 💓I always do everything I can to help any animal in need as much as I can. ANYONE CAN DO IT TOO🙌🏼 Thank you @queen_bee83 💓 Thank you to @cruuuzer for the suggestion 🖤💕 #animallover #animalrescue #creestaaal #vegan #animalrights #wildlife #raven #gothday

🌞Goodmorning IG Family💗 Once again here's a little reminder that it's ➡️ #selfcareSunday ✨Today please take the time out of your busy schedule to do something kind for yourself🙌🏼✨ It's very important to Love yourself enough and learn to love yourself. If you don't love yourself ( I know this can be tough admitting) please take the time today to reflect why that is 😩🙈😭and practice Self-Love today. ➡️Self-Care Sunday ➡️Self-Care Saturday, ➡️Self-Care:Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday 🙌🏼WHATEVER day you choose to be kind to yourself and do atleast one activity which involves YOU being nice to yourself. What do I do on Self-Care Sundays?? 😅 I usually take a nice long bath filled with all my 🌱Vegan&🐰Cruelty-Free Beauty products and I try to relax in the tub 🛀I also been practicing NO MORE negative talk to myself!!! ..I tend to carry the world 🌎 on my shoulders (Hence why I fight so hard for the animals)As an empath I feel everything a bit more stronger than the average human, sometimes it can feel like a curse🙈on my selfcare Day I try to release everything I went through on that given week. Hope this helps many💗❣️Love you lots! @creestaaal #selflove #loveyourself #veganmakeupshare #selfcareSunday

🚨🚨🚨Swipe right for more pictures 🚨🚨🚨As I'm here looking for leo I will definitely use my time to advocate for those who cannot speak for themselves!!! Day 2 of looking for my baby Leo! If your looking for a forever fur (They are always forever) baby please check out your local/S Animal shelter/s save a life and adopt! This list are of fur babies who are in isolation 🚨🚨🚨🚨for whatever reason and are not being seen!!!!😭 location @moreno_valley_shelter_animals #adoptdontshop #vegan #vegansofig #animallover #animalshelter #furbaby #furbabies #animalrights #animalrescue #morenovalley #inlandempire #endbsl #spayandneuteryourpets #catsofinstagram #caturday

Update🚨LAST OF HIS LITTER!!!!➡️Swipe Right for more videos and pics!🚨🚨🚨🚨 Kitten needs help🚨🚨🚨 ➡️ID #A473192
➡️I am described as a male, black Domestic Mediumhair.
➡️The shelter thinks I am about 7-8 weeks old.
➡️ I have been at the shelter since May 09, 2017 and I am available for adoption now! ➡️ Came in with siblings
#A473194 The Shelter is Beyond crowded 😭If you have space in your home or have been looking for a forever fur baby! Check out your local shelter and go save a life🖤💓💕 #adoptdontshop #animallover #vegan #vegansofig #blackcat #blackkitty #catsofig #animalshelter #morenovalley #inlandempire #furbaby #caturday @moreno_valley_shelter_animals

🚨🚨🚨🚨Hey guys! I tried taking a break.. but things seem to continue to pour on me. My x boyfriend who tried to make me miserable by keeping my fur babies (cats) away from me lost my cat Leo😭😩😔🖤 He's a Male Tabby mix. He's 3 years old. He's indoor cat only and is neutered. I been at a few shelters now looking for my lil baby! If you see him in Moreno Valley or Riverside location please give me a call!!! Also @moreno_valley_shelter_animals is having at $5 fridays for cats in may. There's a ton of fur babies that need your help!!! Please come out if you have space in your home. These fur babies will greatly appreciate you saving their lives!!!

🚨Personal Post➡️I'm sooo sorry to have to do this but this situation is causing me a lot of stress😭 ( Among all the bullying that happens online) I will be back once everything hopefully gets situated. Thank you to each and every person who supports me on all my social media platforms you are all my family and I truly hope everyone understands the headache I'm going through with 4 insurances. Even though it was only a 3 car accident. My car is considered a loss😭I literally just finished paying it off too. What I learned from this situation is that you are your own advocate. Although this wasn't my fault at all. I was the car that got rear ended on the 91 FWY.My insurance is trying to screw me over unfortunately😩Still haven't gotten a rental car or gotten checked by anyone when I'm injured. I tried to do everything "the right way" . To those who want to unfollow me it's all good. I'm not here for numbers. I'm just here letting my Instagram Family know why I will be absent until this is resolved. Thank you for your time✨💓 Love you lots- @creestaaal @veganmakeupshare @hispanicvegansofig

#HappyMothersDay 💓💕

Goodmorning IG Family.
Yesterday I was part of a 3 Car crash where I got completely rear ended full force and my car is destroyed.. insurance companies are not open until Monday. This absolutely was not my fault and now I have to deal with life without a car till all3 insurances figure this out. What I learn from this experience is that even though I'm not at fault and I even left space in front of me some ppl are clearly not paying attention. My advice is to always be alert. I saw the car coming fast while I was at a stop and I went foward to avoid the collision but it still wasn't enough. Thank you to my boyfriend Johnny who got out of the car in full traffic and followed the car that hit me because he was trying to leave🙈

..when your sooo happy that you don't give a shit about posing like a model 🙈 and it's all big ass smiles!!! .. my boyfriend loves me with or without makeup because he truly loves me entirely and he doesn't let me forget it ever🙌🏼He's constantly telling me how much I mean to him and also... he cut his hair back into a Mohawk to try to make my day( it worked) 🙊 I'm soo lucky!!! Picture by @foxxnsocks #LetTheThristyAFpplUnfollowme😹

Update: She's out! 🚨 This is not a drill😰➡️ @crisveganfit Is in Jail for Doing something Animal related!!! I don't know exactly what happened but I know she needs help getting out of jail! If any Animal Rights organizations can come together to help out this amazing Animal Rights Advocate please reach ➡️ @crisveganfit Through DM! (Some one➡️ @kingg__guccii is directly helping her post about this) I've known this grrrrl for a few years on social media and she's the type that will do anything to help any and every animal in need. 🚨 Her Bail is set at $5000 & to get her out we only have a few hrs!!!! You can look it up yourselves online THIS IS NOT A SCAM!!! I know if I would ever be in a situation such as this I would greatly appreciate if ppl would help me out💓 #veganAsFuck #AnimalLover 🚨➡️ PLEASE TAG ALL ANIMAL RIGHTS ORGANIZATIONS ( Or ppl that may be able to give more direction on what to do!!!)maybe they can help!!! @peta @humaneleaguesfl @veganoutreach @directactioneverywhere @animalhopeandwellness @animallegaldefensefund @mercyforanimals @officialpetalatino @peta2 @ericfrompeta @passionatevegan @thekatvond @genebaur @bigcitybruce @the300poundvegan @nathanrunkle @weanimals @alissawhitegluz @albaparis @melissjs

#TBT To an old picture of My baby boy Leo who I miss soooo Fucking much!!! I just hope your ok My baby Leo I'm sorry this world is filled with asswholes😭

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