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Elle Linda CREEPYGALS  ❣️Creepy Gals Shop - Los Angeles 🌹Illustrator & Photographer 🍒Curator & Founder of @venusfest 💌

Cosplaying as Cowgirl Lola. I'm living my true fantasy 🔫🔫 *phew phew*

The events that have taken place this weekend is extremely disheartening, heartbreaking and infuriating to the core. In a time when there is contention on a global level, when the threat of nuclear war seems imminent, we still can't seem to unite within our own country.
These white supremacist alt-right nazis feel that their long held privileges are being challenged so they resort to hateful and racist rhetoric to try to hold on to their delusional fantasies. These groups have been emboldened by TRUMP ever since he ran for president. And they continue to see a friend in him which allows them to perpetuate this campaign of white power ideology. TRUMP would not even explicitly condemn the white supremacists, NO SURPRISE THERE.
With that said, it is extremely important that we as individuals must not remain complacent or impartial to what is going on. All of this is NOT OKAY. It is not normal and should not be tolerated. If you have family members or friends that support this harmful and hateful ideology, start a dialogue with them. If you have the means, donate to organizations that help out POC. Participate in peaceful protests against these social injustices. And don't forget to check your privilege. Racist ideology has been so ingrained in our culture that sometimes, as woke as you think you are, there can still be residuals from the long history of systematic racism and white privilege. So catch yourself , and check your privilege.
Racism is not okay. It is violent, it is hateful, and it is regressive and should NOT be tolerated. I stand in solidarity with my fellow POC. No group of hateful nazis can break us down! (PS. I will never see tikki torches the same)

Snapped this pic the first month in LA. I still can't believe I've been living here for almost 5 months. I never thought I would have the strength to leave the comfort of my home in the east coast. The first few months were a really tough transition , dealing with heightened anxiety and the fact that I'm 3000 miles away from everything I have ever known, but at this point , I'm really starting to feel at home here. 🌴🌴🌴

Calling cause I got some tea to spill...👠 snapped this pic when my precious @goldenskipper came to visit . Here he is wearing the Sickening Tee , luxuriating in my pink fantasy room ✨❣️💫

Just restocked some more Large Chenille Rose patches 🌹🌹🌹 Get them through my Etsy or @shopwitchsy shop ❣️

It ME. ❣️🐩🐩🐩 Regram from @thedaintydollshouse

Cowgirl Lola takes no shits and gives no fucks. My kind of lady❣️ Thinking about making this a pin, anyone interested??

LA friends, come out and play this Saturday July 29th! It's going to be so much fun. ✨❤️

I'm working on a collab with my girl @deathcats . I'm illustrating some of her most iconic figures and we're turning them into stickers!! Here's Shark Pony. Cute, cuddly and can bite your leg clean off 😉😘

I miss performing 😢

Stickers are available now! $1.50 each. Stick it on whatever, your notebook, your car, your butt, IDC! Stick it anywhere 😉

Laying in a pool of human filth, but hey, it looks cute 🍦🍦🍦

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