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クリー育子  SHOP | Handmade Bikinis by yours truly | 🎶

Infinite being.
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Only 21 and had to pay like 30 RACKS 🤦🏽‍♀️
The story will be told ... it’s not even over yet 😪
Recorded this on a rainy night in the trap in Hawaii , finishing it in LA .. .... thanks to my boy fam forever ! @steezygeezy prod by @jahnlion 🔥🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶 New tops and bikinis on the way btw
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- Lost in those kaleidoscope eyes...
Seen a lot of shit been hard to get by ... 🎶
👙 by @cree.ikuko

What doesn’t kill you springs you into life. 👙 by @cree.ikuko available in 3 colors LINK In BIO #handmade #LA #curly #natural #create #bikini #flowers #artonyourbody

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Growing up were immediately taught and told to believe in so many things but our selves most times. Feeling buried by the weight of the world it can be so hard especially a young age but you’ve been planted and chosen to grow really deep roots because youll be unshakable ... I wish I knew back then what I know now .
I wish I never believed them.
I wish I wasn’t so harsh on my self ❤️ I wish I knew i didn’t have to move thru every day and attract the world thru such a fear and scarcity based negative mind state.
I wish I didn’t hurt my self so badly mentally spiritually and physically 🙏🏽
I wish I knew how beautiful And valid I was and didn’t need validation.
I wish I knew that I would grow to be strong and independent and be able to touch the doors of every last dream I’ve had , meet almost every single person I’ve wanted to meet , Be able to do everything I’ve ever wanted I wish I knew then but I’m glad I know now and I’m happy the 13-16 year old girl in me survived long enough to realize she could do it ❤️🙏🏽😩. I used to think I was so ugly and didn’t deserve to live because I was hurting the people who looked at me because I didn’t have straight hair or clear white skin... so I would punish and torment my bodymind&soul 💔🙏🏽 but look at you bitch you got 173,000+ followers who Choose to Look at you on this thing called the gram and you write 🔥 music and you design insanely 🔥 bikinis all by yourself like you’ve always dreamed .... now kill it everyone one of you .... I hope I can inspire at least one person to give yourself a chance when you feel so much pain you feel so weak you feel like dying ... please don’t think like that you don’t realize how amazing & capable &lovable you are !! give yourself a break just breathe your thoughts and bad memories are always gonna be there but you don’t need to entertain them or let them animate you. I know it’s hard but try it for little moments thru out the day till you build momentum to monumentally not give a fuck because you’re the shit baby ❤️❤️ what ever you’re going thru you Will get thru I promise 🙏🏽. YOU HAVE an amazing blessed life to live so keep pushing on and never ever give up❤️

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Stream my song “ Good Luck” 🍀🔥
And Shop the CROSS YOU OFF TOP link in BIO 🤩❤️
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🎈 Birthday bikini Link in bio see last post for a better Look

If you don’t know them , admire them , or look up to them .
Why would you look down for their opinion ? 😩🤣🤣 👙: WWW.CREEIKUKO.COM #handmade

I chase my dreams because I Have No One & Nothing else to run to , but the visions God gave me. 🙏🏽
#handmade #designer #writer #artist #dreams

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