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Kristy Hogue  🌑🌒🌓🌔🌕🌖🌗🌘🌑 // Everything You Heard is

Gemini New Moon Altar // this month's astrology is basically Saturn really shoving my face in it. There's been nothing subtle about my Saturn Return so far and it looks like the lessons are just gonna keep coming at me hot and heavy. At least I've gotten good at surrounding myself with beauty and a bit of magic. #gemininewmoon #newmoonaltar


King of Dong Style // and all around cool kid #defywrestling #indiewrestling

Big Friend, Little Friend // friday night time of my life. I know people think wrestling is really "off brand" for me, but it is SO FUN, Y'ALL. 🖕🏼 #defywrestling

DEFY3 // back at local indie wrasslin' with this dweeb.

Treating Myself // everything feels like a lot of work for little payoff lately, so I gave a silent middle finger to working late and took myself out for dinner. I'm so frustrated at working my ass off doing too much in not enough time and then being criticized for it, especially when working so hard drains all my energy for the few hours I spend outside of the office. I slept an entire hour straight through my alarm this morning, not even realizing it was going off. I am so ready for this long weekend and some come-to-Jesus boundary setting.
Also, this octopus and accompanying salad was 💯

#SEAtoGEG // work travel isn't as fun when the rest of your schedule is slammed and your inbox is overflowing. But I'm trying to not be such a Scrooge about taking conference calls in the airport and instead relax into enjoying some leisure reading en route guilt-free. #timetofly #peekaboo

Sundaze // spent the last two days with 20 people at the beach and the first photo I take all weekend is after I'm back home. Good times are distracting. 🤷🏻‍♀️ #springtimesundays #shortsweather

Flannel Night // ⚾️⚾️⚾️ #flannelnight

She a Goddess // building a temple. Metallics and jewel tones and (faux) fur and unfinished wood and floral scents and flowy fabric and high ceilings and natural light. I've never felt so good in any home. #homeastemple #divinefeminine #furandfloral #bedside #makingitmine

Tacos & Coconut Rum Slushy // today's #happiesthour 🌴

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