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Stephen C. Staples  Steve Staples crafts furniture from reclaimed wood and metal. He has spent over 4 decades mastering his craft.

Anniversary today 47 years! Beautiful!

Sorting through rose head nails looking for a few for a restoration project.

Watching a beautiful sunset on the lake tonight.

I made Quill pens for the girls, from spring turkey feathers, for back to school. I absolutely love my time spent with them.

Praying Mantis egg sacks that I collected last fall are hatching. Grandkids and I let the go in the garden, 2 more egg sacks to go. A great experience.

I made this beautifully grained cherry burl bowl. I love it's color and inclusions.

Made this lamp from an old barn beam drop, complete with peg. American history in the spotlight.

I have been with beauty for over 50 years and she is still just as beautiful to me. Happy birthday sweetheart.

I have had these old blocks for 30 years finally made a pair of lamps out of them and sold them immediately.

In response to Nordstrom fake dirty jeans for $450, for those who want that hard working look. I'm offering these worn artist jeans. Worn by furniture artist and designer, Stephen C. Staples, of Now you can look and feel like an artist. Authentically worn for a mere $50 a pair. Shirts coming soon.

I didn't know there was a large inclusion in this cherry bowl blank. The chunk exploded hit the wall came back and just missed me.It was a step away and breathe, let my heart slow down, as well as the adrenaline rush. Then get back on the horse and start another.

Welding a table base out of reclaimed steel(of course) Sparks flying. I hope my camera didn't catch a flash.

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