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These littles make my heart smile! ❤️We know that a love for reading will help students reach their dreams! #teachthemyoung

We love our dry erase tables! Let me tell you—they are a game changer! It’s really just nice not to have to pull our white boards! We are officially working on word families! ✏️

Today we introduced living & non-living things in our integrated literacy unit. We went on a walk and drew living and non-living things! Then we came back to class and made an anchor chart. Today we did the “I do” and “we do”. Tomorrow they’ll be writing their own sentences! The “you do”.

Another great strategy for sight word recognition. Write 4-5 worlds on a sheet, all in different orders. Have the students read using their “pointer finger”. Great print concepts practice as well as sight word recognition! 📚✏️ how do you practice sight words in your classroom? #sightwords #kindergartenlife

Need a hands on way to practice sight words? This was a super easy way to have my kids practice. Give your students the 5 sight words for the week, magnetic letters & a dry erase marker—and viola! You have word work!! ❤️✏️📚🖍 #wordwork #dailyfive #sightwords

This speaks to my heart as a 21st century teacher that believes in personalization & differentiation for ALL students! I believe in personalized learning because it is what kids deserve. #whatsrightforkids ❤️❤️❤️Jen Jones is at it again!!! Coming with all the PERfECT quotes! @hellojenjones

I wanted to add one more collage before the end of 2017. Some important moments: 1️⃣Brian and I have been together for 10 years! ❤️2️⃣My bestie married my hubbys bestie! 3️⃣ My parents left our childhood home and moved to a cozy house in the city! 4️⃣I got to see Emmitt twice and he is already in PreK! Growing up so fast! 5️⃣We got Ralphie and he met Chipper! Chipper had grown so big and Ralph is confused as to why he is still so small 😂6️⃣Brian and I went to Boone NC and hiked up a pretty serious mountain for expert hikers-we were totally NOT prepared but it was so fun! 7️⃣ We went on family vacation to the outer banks! 🏖8️⃣I go back to LMES every once in a while to see my old students and check in. I miss my kids and friends but I’ve made some pretty great friends at Rogers Lane.

Yup 2017 was a big year in my teaching career. I left all of my besties to venture into something new and exciting! I’ve met some amazing friends and love my kids!

Ralphie is enjoying his Christmas sweater! #winterpup #snowready #pomeranian #pomeranianofinstagram

We ended our trip up to NY with our favorite little 4 year old! Emmitt made Christmas so much fun! 🎄🎁❄️He couldn’t decide what toys to play with first and thoroughly enjoyed the nerf war that his dad and uncle Brian played with him! Such a fun night with awesome friends! ❤️ love you guys! @valhiltonn

Merry Christmas & happy holiday break!

Pointing and reading during Read to self. #highexpectations #urgency #studentownership

This week we teamed up with my girl Mrs. Hodges and we spread a little kindness and did shared reading & writing. It was so much fun and is a great way to create relationships with students in different grade levels each week. #teachwithurgency #relationshipsfirst #teachlikeyourpantsareonfire

This is how my instruction continues even when we have a holiday craft that day. As a whole class we did the directed drawing. Then we broke into groups for daily 5 and I continued pulling guided reading groups as one group of students completed their directed drawing with watercolor paints. #urgency #teachwithyourpantsonfire #holidaycheer

Happy Birthday to a woman who makes a conscious effort to keeps it positive everyday, to always do what’s right for kids regardless of what anyone says and that teaching with urgency is the only way to teach!! I am so glad to have met Jen years ago! Happy Birthday @hellojenjones , I hope it’s been a great day! And I know it’ll be a great year! ❤️🎉

My absolutely favorite craft to do around thanksgiving! And this little one stole my heart and said he is thankful for me! ❤️

Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃🍁 from my Pilgrim, Ralphie & I. Hope you had a wonderful time with family & friends.

We used Chatterkid & Seesaw to make these adorable recreations for the store Turkey Teouble. If you haven’t read the story you seriously need to! It’s adorable! Tomorrow we are using the iPads to create Turkey disguises & doing a STEM activity with building a thanksgiving table out of popsicle sticks and dominoes. I can’t wait! We might even throw in a directed drawing! 🦃🍁

There are just some faces you’ll never forget in your teaching career. ❤️📚✏️ #relationshipsfirst

A simple really effective way to practice sight words. In our collaboration station, students work together on their goals. Currently many students are working on sight words! ((Put the rings at the bottom so they flip easier)) #urgency #whatsrightforkids #practicemakesbetter

Sight words are one of the most important pieces in kindergarten reading foundational skills. This is one of the easiest centers I️ have in my classroom. “Say I️t, build I️t, write I️t” my kids say the index card, build with magnetic letters, and write in dry erase markers. Simple, easy and quick! #foundationalskills #kindergartenreading #practicemakesbetter #highexpectations

Do you use @seesawlearning in your classroom to create digital portfolios? It’s one of my favorite apps that students can create, write, record and upload projects into!

Have you checked out the flexible seating from @tradewestedu ? It is absolutely amazing and could change your entire classroom vibe! Check out their page for Amazing #flexibleseating ideas, tips and tricks to transform your space! 😊💺

Spending the day yesterday with @hellojenjones speaking and creating with k-2 Teachers in Lenoir County was so much fun! We spoke about different iPad centers & hands on centers. #dreamjob #urgency #whatsrightforkids

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