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MARK GROVES  Human Connection Specialist. I post no-BS relationship advice. Founder @MOTUsummit #CREATETHELOVE NYC + Philly Events 👇🏼


Learn this paradox as being reality, and you will learn love. You will welcome it. #createthelove

READ THIS 👉🏼 Really, the journey of love and partnership is to uncover where we hurt the most, so we can be loved there.

There are so many old moments of unhealed pain from our childhood that got passed down to us by our parents (their pain). This is how familial pain continues... if you observe two people (i.e. Parents) speaking, how they interact creates often the same result (disconnection). These patterns of interactions are our school on communication and they persist till we learn how to communicate differently... so as to change the outcome (deeper connection and intimacy).

Maybe the interactions were always super loud and scary, maybe one parent would blow up, and the other would leave, maybe they were addicts, narcissists, or abusers.... or maybe one was just never around... all of these things teach us how to love and communicate.

Our relationships bring up the patterns we inherited. They show us where our pain lives by the results we get in how we communicate and love... and it is 100% our responsibility to learn how to communicate and show up to heal that pain.

If you want to uncover your patterns in relationship, where you're wounded and learn some tools to navigate those conversations, join myself & @louisalloro for the Relationship Dojo: How to master the moment between reaction and response. Tickets are in my bio. Early bird ends Thursday!

NYC - Sept 26
Philly - Sept 27

Cause laughing sometimes feels like an orgasm... and at 80 they might both kill us. What a way to go... #amiright #createthelove

It is sexy AF when people don't deviate from their truth for love. It's not love if it asks us to abandon ourselves.

Remember, abandonment and discomfort are two different things. Struggle and challenges are normal in relationships. What is not, is having to forego what we want and our hearts desires to stay in a relationship. That's abandonment. That's bullshit.

The path to a fulfilling life and relationship is to move towards people who ask you to become more of yourself. #createthelove

Relationships are sometimes as simple as math. Wait... math isn't that simple... 😉 📊#createthelove

Whether you’re an individual or a couple, form the habit of sharing appreciation. If every couple of days you take the time to communicate with your partner (and friends & family too!) what you appreciate about them and why it’s important to you, you will see your relationships transform.

This is one of the most powerful ways to reframe our minds.

Couples who aren’t doing well are always surveying for how their partner is not showing up. They’re looking for all of the evidence of how their partner doesn’t love them. And you know what?! Seek and you shall find.

But we can teach our minds and hearts to seek the good. Just because this is how things are currently, doesn’t mean we can’t shift them…. and this all begins by beginning.

Start right now. Tag your partner, a friend, a sibling, a parent… or text them or call them up. And just tell them what is something they do, something they’re really good at and proud of it, and telling them how that impacts you and changes your life in a positive way.

If you want to learn more about communication in relationships click the link in my bio for tickets to my events in Philly and NYC on September 26th & 27th! #createthelove createthelove

So much gratitude for the people who are teaching us to love and be loved for our authentic selves. Tag your favorite humans to remind them of their worth. #createthelove

Life is precious. Let go of the menial bullshit that rules your connections and gets in the way of love. #createthelove

Love in the way you wish to be loved. #createthelove

When we deny our feelings we deny ourselves. We deny our being. We are sending the message to ourselves that our emotions don't matter.

Remember, our emotions are incredibly powerful because they offer insight so as to guide our lives. We need to listen to them because they are our path to freedom, healing, and ultimately, achieving our best selves (aka. Highest state of being/consciousness).

Want to learn more about your emotions and how to master them? Join me and @louisalloro in NYC Sept 26, and Philly Sept 27#. Link is in my bio! There's still some early bird tickets left! #createthelove

I'm just gonna be me. #createthelove

Stay true to your light. You're meant to shine. The storms just make us brighter lights. #createthelove

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