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MARK GROVES  Human Connection Specialist. I post no-BS relationship advice. Founder @MOTUsummit #CreateTheLove MOTU Summit 2018 - Get your tickets today👇🏼

Think about the hearts you break too. From @motusummit #createthelove

It's also called growth. It's also called life. It's how transformation works. The path is never linear... so stop needing it to be. 💃🏼 🕺🏽 #createthelove

Great love is patient... Not perfect. Great partners won't always know the right thing to say and they won't always know exactly what to do... But they'll try. And that's the part that matters... The effort. The choice to stay committed to helping us see our beauty and our heart even when we don't have the tools to do so ourselves.

Love is challenging. Learning to be a great partner is too. Give yourself the space to make mistakes, grow, and become. And give your partner that same freedom to be. Great love grows from there. #createthelove

This week I feature @thesoulseekersguide - Why? Because she creates the love with so much courage, vulnerability and humility. I was blown away by what she wrote:

"I realize I’ve lived the majority of my life without any love for myself. I know this because of the way I treated others, the way I judged them, and the way I thought negatively about so many things. I was a gossip, a poser, and at times, a bully. All of the actions I took and the words I spoke that were intended to bring someone down were reflective of my own state of being. Clearly, I was coming from a place of lack in myself. I have worked a lot on letting those parts of me go. And that entire process, as cliché as it might sound, revolved entirely around learning to love and accept myself. NOW, I know that who I was back then was just someone who needed love - and not the kind I thought I would get from friends or lovers - but from myself. We can’t give love to anyone if we can’t give it to ourselves. No matter what."
I couldn't agree more @thesoulseekersguide - Thanks for sharing your challenges, your wisdom, and your journey.

Want to be featured?? It's simple. Post a picture and write how you create love in your life or what you do as a couple that helps maintain connection and love in your relationships. Tag @createthelove and #createthelove

Ohhhhhh that struggle in the new-ness of relationships where we want to tell them how they've blown our fucking heart open... and also don't want to potentially scare them away.

The line between romantic and creepy seems delicate at best sometimes, doesn't it? Haha. Love you all. #createthelove 📷: @connor.beaton

Stop wasting time giving a shit about what some person on tinder thinks about you. Or what some random stranger thinks about you on IG. Or what some troll criticizes you about. Life is too short to waste moments on people who will never be more than a stranger.

You are worthy of being chosen and loved, and blocking and ignoring these people is the act of protecting your energy and self worth. Move on and create space so that good, caring and kind people may enter your life. #createthelove

I’m interested to know, how do we know what love is not?

To me, when love is not present, we’re not accepting. We’re not open to growth. We aren’t curious. We’re afraid of expansion. We aren’t open to being wrong.

To be love is to be fluid. It’s to be like water, as Bruce Lee said. It’s to adapt. It’s to be flexible. It’s to be open to being wrong. Love gives a shit, and at the same time, doesn’t. It cares about the shit that matters.

Love is unconditional. Most of the time. #createthelove

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The best feeling. Ever. #createthelove

I've had people leave, and I've also been the one that left. If there's one thing I've learnt from all of the pain, confusion and the feeling of being lost, it's that people are often not ready for a certain type of love... yet. And we've been the one who wasn't ready for other people too.

Remember that each love is just preparing us for the next. The lessons are rich. The growth is immense. And often the most painful (and expensive) experiences teach us the most. If it still hurts then it's still not healed. Never stop looking for ways to be better. That's what life is about... our own growth and our own evolution. #createthelove
We can easily switch "he" with "she" here.

Our society and education system haven't done a great job of teaching us how to cultivate and maintain connection. (as in nothing).

Even when we do talk about long term love we use phrases like “love takes work” and “love is hard". But the word “work” is heavy. It sounds and feels draining. And love isn’t hard, it doesn’t take “work”. But it does require effort.

I love the book “The Art of Loving” by Erich Fromm. In it he talks a lot about how falling in love is chemical…. but to stay in love is an art. And like any art it requires understanding its theory, and then mastering its application.
I love this. Love is an art we must all master. And it is our work to do.

We must understand how we exist in relationship. What are we good at? What are we not so good at? How do we show up in relationships? How can we be better and support our (future) partner to grow and change within the relationship?

Let’s strive to be masters of this art. Let’s learn how to love deeper. Let’s always answer “yes” to the question of: Are we being the kind of person that is capable of creating the kind of love we crave? Cause to ask for it, we gotta be it. #createthelove

Fact. Stop fighting for people who don't fight for you. Stop waiting for other people to choose you when you can choose yourself. #createthelove

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