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There is literally SO MUCH beauty around us. We just need to teach our minds to look for it. It is very easy for our brains to want to survey the world for why we're not enough, how the world is against us, why no one loves us... we collect evidence to support what we believe about ourselves and the world. In psychology we call in "confirmation bias"... in that we seek to confirm the things that support how we see the world, and conveniently ignore and/or skim over the things that don't.

In love this can be quite tricky because if we're single we may pass on someone who can love us to continue to choose people who can't/won't. Thereby affirming that we're unlovable. See what we do?!

In a relationship we might look for all the ways our partner doesn't love us so we can fight and create conflict, and ignore all the ways they do love us.

Watch the tricks of the mind and how it tries to keep safe what you believe about yourself and how the world works. You're likely missing all the beautiful ways this universe loves you and not putting yourself in the place to succeed and be loved. Just a thought 😉 #createthelove

Amen. You be you. #createthelove
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Our greatest pain and suffering comes from the belief that our lives should have been different. That events should've happened differently than they did. That people would've handled things differently. That we should've.

When we create an idea of how things "should have" gone we are fighting against reality. The vision in our minds of how life should be causes us immense pain because our life is not that way. We create our own suffering by projecting a different reality... thereby not living in the one in front of us.

Let go of how you thought life was supposed to be so you can live the one you're in. Stop giving away your energy and emotion to moments that are not even real... so you can be present in this moment. #createthelove

Pay attention to how your thoughts and beliefs are truly just protecting you from being seen and hurt. The catch to all of this is that your self-worth and your heart live inside you, not outside. What do I mean by that?

When you follow your dreams and love all out, you give birth to your truth... and in giving birth to your truth you put your heart in your own hands. You take charge of whether you love you. And if someone else does, amazing, but if they leave they can't take the love you have for yourself with them. This is why self-expression and living for something we're passionate makes us not only lovable, but indestructible. Loss and rejection will be painful to experience, but it can't destroy us because we never reject or abandon ourselves.

When we understand this, it all makes sense... finally. #createthelove

There's such truth to all of these words from @powerofspeech

"Become silent in your children's presence, free yourself of all distractions and attune yourself to them in a state of curiosity and delight."
—Dr. Shefali Tsabary #createthelove

Read this. 👆🏻 And ps. You're loved. #createthelove

Sometimes it feels like life is testing us, doesn't it? Like it keeps handing shit over and over again.

How do we survive these continuous hits? How do we keep moving forward despite the heavy weight we feel?

We forge ahead. We dig deep. We build fucking fortitude. We see life and the challenges within as a gift. And then we rise.

In every experience there is wisdom and knowledge that can build us into super loving and powerful beings. Relationships and life are here to shape us. To show us what we're not so good at so that we can build those skills and become the person we've always needed.

When we grow and transform we simultaneous change the trajectory of our lives. When we make different choices, we invite different experiences. When we change our patterns, the patterns of our lives and the events within it change.

Become what's being asked you. Someone else will need you for what you're on this planet to become. #createthelove

And this... this is the birth of responsibility. It might not be your fault what has happened in your life... but it is your responsibility what you do with what has happened. And in that choice, that choice to take responsibility for the feelings and wisdom that comes from even the deepest wounds, is freedom.

When we stop being the victims of our lives and instead become the curators of it, we have achieved the ultimate point... we become the Gods we've been taught to praise. We stop waiting on fate and instead become fucking creators... creators of the life and love we crave. #createthelove

Be mindful of the words we speak around those we love, especially children. Those words become their internal dialog. Choose loving words. Kind discipline, and safe loving arms to hold them when the world scrapes them with its sometimes sharp teeth. #createthelove

Amen. Thanks for the reminder @peace_love_light - sometimes the only way to get to where we want to be is to leap into the unknown... to jump off the cliff and hope. Ironically, this is what it takes to create a life we've never lived, to experience love we've never felt... we must make choices we've never made and be courageous in a way we've never been. Trust. And leap. And then leap again. #createthelove

Appreciate it all. The good. The bad. And appreciate that it takes the bad to know the good. Appreciate the effort the universe is making for you to find for balance, not just for good things. #createthelove

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