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Create & Explore  Collaborations in sight & sound. #CreateExplore #CreateExploreTakeover #CreateExploreDiscover 👇 “16” - Yellow Gazelle x TOKiMONSTA

With this, the @beixin @_robinlam #CreateExploreTakeover has come to an end. Who would you like to see on the page next? Tag them below 👇🏼

“People don't buy the products you create, they buy the stories you create." Think about the mood you want to create before you take a photo, whether it's of joy, serenity, nostalgia or melancholy; make sure your photo means something.
@beixin @_robinlam #CreateExploreTakeover

“What mostly inspires us, and many around the world, is travel. We love nature and we’re all about showcasing the beauty of this world with minimal aesthetics.”
@beixin & @_robinlam #CreateExploreTakeover continues.
#CreateExplore #CreateExploreDiscover

“Hey @createexplore fam! I’m Robin, a media designer living in a little red dot called Singapore. I love showing others how I see the world through my lens, and my perspective in photography has widened greatly since. I do not consider myself a photographer yet, but I hope that my photos have inspired people to join me in creating more creative content to share with the world. Armed with a camera in hand, I look forward to what the future holds for me.”
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“Hey @createexplore! My name's Beixin and I'm a Singapore-based creative with a penchant for adventure. I've always been drawn to the great outdoors. To me, Mother Nature's the best playground, crammed with daily mysteries and adventures. It's a personal dream of mine to capture even a fraction of her beauty and share it with the world, and I'm excited for all the people I've yet to meet, places I've yet to see and things I've yet to discover about myself.”

Talented Singaporean creatives @beixin and @_robinlam feature on our next #CreateExploreTakeover.
📸: @_robinlam

As we drove up closer to the top of the South Island there is no shortage of beautiful seaside scenes. We also visited the city of Christchurch & witnessed the aftermath of the 2011 tragic earthquake • @takubeats #createexplore #createexploretakeover #mamiya645 #mediumformat #fujipro400h

Road tripping through New Zealand gives you the opportunity to see it in all it’s glory. Each town has its own unique character & cozy/welcoming feeling • @takubeats #mediumformat #fujipro400h #createexplore #createexploretakeover

Being color blind I tend to see the same colors over and over again. When I’m in New Zealand I’m amazed when I see new shades of colors I can’t identify. • @takubeats #createexplore

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