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Create & Explore  • #CreateExploreTakeOver #CreateExplore #CreateExploreDiscover • '011' Braden Lee x J-Louis/Abraham Blue out now! 👇🏻

CE fam! We’re thrilled to announce that we’ll be hosting a photo walk in Tokyo on Saturday, August 12th!
Meet us (@takubeats @pat_kay @hotherside @jaynumberfive) at the WAG Gallery at 9am for some snaps and good times.
See you there!
📸 by @jayscale

The CreateExplore team is heading to Tokyo in August! Full details to come in two days. Keep it locked!
📸 @pat_kay

By via #createexplore
CreateExplore team heading to Asia soon, keep your eyes peeled for more info!

Hey guys! @airpixels here with my last shot for this takeover. A big thanks to @createexplore for having me and thank you all for your love! .
Keep it simple @airpixels

@airpixels here again! Just a couple of days left, bare with me!
A big passion of mine is the ocean. I spend a lot of time at it and it always amazes me.

Hey guys ! @airpixels here again.
Here is an image i took a magical morning in Sweden. I Mostly post aerials But dont be fooled, i shoot just as much from the ground as i do from the sky.

Hey guys, @airpixels here again with my second post. .
As an aerial photographer my images are often very well planned. But every once in a while you stumble upon those hidden treasures barely visible to the human eye.

Hello guys! My name is Tobias (@airpixels) and I am a photographer / filmmaker from Sweden. My passion lies within nature and the great outdoors.
I will be taking over @createexplore for the week and I hope you find my work interesting!
This is an image I took one cold night in Sweden. We sat out for a kayak ride and just enjoyed our way through the night into a magical sunrise.

Aerial legend @airpixels takes over @createexplore this week! #CreateExploreTakeOver

Fostering and being a part of a community is a big deal for me. Some of my friends and I run a night photography community called @globalnightsquad, where we host night time instameets and photo walks. In addition to joining @createexplore, I’m thrilled to have so many opportunities to interact with so many amazing photographers from all walks of life.
Speaking of community, thanks for hanging out with me over the last week! And thanks to @createexplore for having me on the team. I hope you enjoyed the takeover and I hope to see you around, wherever that may be. In Japan, perhaps? 😏
Lots of love, Pat. ❤️
@pat_kay - #CreateExploreTakeOver

Photography is one of those activities that really helps you get to know yourself better. For me, when I shoot from the heart, it’s really interesting to understand the subject matter of what I shot and the way in which I shot it. A lot of the time I shoot on instinct, but when you actually sit down and read between the lines of your own work, you start to see yourself in those images - a realisation of who you are and what you are like. It’s this practice that’s one of the many things I love about photography.
In frame @hollyyang
@pat_kay’s #CreateExploreTakeOver

I don’t have a theme or a particular aesthetic. I shoot everything, pretty much. But if there’s one thing that’s constant in my photography, it’s that I love making images that have impact and tell their own stories. Storytelling in photography for me is less about what I’m trying to tell you, but rather, it’s more about helping you create your own story about my image from the multitude of possibilities from your lifetime. In my images I try to do this through the use of colour for impact, relatable compositions, and a strong, singular focus or subject you can share the scene with.
I want my images to stop you and make you think about something. Even if for only a second.
@pat_kay’s #CreateExploreTakeOver continues…

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