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Create & Explore  • #CreateExploreTakeOver #CreateExplore #CreateExploreDiscover • Now screening @andrei__eremin x @benblenner in “14” 👇🏻


Neon lights with homie @hotherside

Raining Kyoto by homie @hotherside

The CE homeboy @pat_kay is headed to India today. Go follow his account to check out his stories!

Sydney sets with the homie @pat_kay #CreateExplore

Shrine reflections from our @createexplore homie @pat_kay

Interesting images exist where things intersect or collide — in the sunsets that pop in as day crosses over into night, or in the crashing waves that separate the ocean from the shore. This is one of my favourite pics and sadly, the final one for this takeover. Thanks so much for having me, I hope it was as enjoyable for you all as it was for me and if you're up for more, find me @yojeddy. • #createexploretakeover with @yojeddy

I tend to over-think things, so for me it’s nice to work within constraints. Switching to a telephoto lens on this overcast Melbourne day let me block out the entire street and focus on a slice of foot traffic near the only patch of sun I could find. Sometimes I see more by seeing less, and it can lead to a more intimate perspective of my subject. • #createexplorertakeover with @yojeddy

I shoot with a Fujifilm X-T10 I picked up a couple years ago. I started with a prime portrait lens and eventually added a zoom and a wide - now I often end up swapping between all 3, shot by shot. My iPhone also comes in as a splash-zone specialist, and completes my little universe of camera gear. I’ve thought about upgrading, but honestly, i feel that my Fuji still has things to teach me. • #createexploretakeover with @yojeddy

When I shoot, I'm drawn to uncovering new perspectives or moments from otherwise ordinary scenes like the way a sunset changes the colours of a building, or that weird angle on a landscape that makes it look like a new place entirely. My photos usually end up being of my everyday surroundings, but of a side that's usually just out of view • #createexplpretakover with @yojeddy

Hey i'm Jerry — a designer in Sydney who, like many of you, starting taking photos and saw it turn into a full-blown obsession. What compels me is to chase the unseen and explore around hidden corners wherever they might be. Very excited to be taking over for the next few days. Hope you enjoy the ride and I promise to bring it all back in one piece. #createexploretakeover@yojeddy

His unique style and creative shots with an iPhone. Legend @yojeddy will be taking over @createexplore this week. Stay tuned! #createexploretakeover

The 14th iteration of a collaboration through sight and sound, brought to you by, and with, @benblenner and @andrei__eremin. Out tonight on the @CreateExplore vimeo #CreateExplore

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