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Recently another holistic doctor, Annie Fairbanks, was found shot dead in her Arizona home along with her husband, Justin Fairbanks and their two children who were only 3 years old and 9 months old. According to the Scottsdale Arizona Police Department, they were shot and the crime was deemed a murder/suicide. Within the same day Sergeant Ben Hoster told the press that Annie’s husband, Jason “must have killed his wife and two children before turning the gun on himself.”

This statement is not believable for one second. Over the last two years, reporters have been tracking the deaths of holistic/alternative health activists, journalists and doctors. From what they’ve recorded, Annie Fairbanks was around the 70th holistic doctor to be killed within that time frame.

It’s no secret that Big Pharma is feeling threatened, especially with President Trump in office—who called them out back in the beginning of January 2017 for their sketchy practices.

Humanity is evolving and waking up to the fact that we don’t need prescription drugs to function or to feel good. Many people are returning to the basic ways of life and nourishing their bodies with organic foods and resolving any issues they may have with alternative medicine. We must continue to send a clear message to Big Pharma that regardless of who they murder, we will NOT back down and succumb to their greed!

Upon Donald Trump's entry into office, George Soros predicted that the President would fail in office and even went as far as saying the US stock market would crash and that successful corporations would file for bankruptcy.

According to Rt.com, US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filings show that Soros' investment fund dropped its holdings in Apple and Snap in the last quarter. His investment fund sold 1,700 shares of Apple, 1.55 million of Snap stock and even reduced its shares in Twitter by 5,700. He also dropped his shares in Facebook by 367,262.

Now what does this tell us? On top of Soros' prediction being completely inaccurate, he truly believed that he could defeat President Trump by fueling fake news! It's only a matter of time before Facebook, Twitter and all other fake news outlets crash and burn for good.

Read the full article here: http://yournewswire.com/george-soros-trump-winning/

Similar to Sweden, France is failing to prosecute men who are raping young girls. Just in the last two weeks, French courts let rapists off the hook for having sex with 11 year old girls because authorities couldn't prove the girls were forced. These cases have in resulted in the French government drafting a bill to say "that sex with children under a certain age is coercive."

What's even harder to believe is that Justice Minister Nicole Belloubet suggested age 13 as the minimum for sexual consent. In what reality can a 13 year old boy or girl give consent to have sex? Oh right.. this is the norm in specific third world countries where young girls are married off by 13, at the minimum, and are already birthing children to men three times their age. Apparently the French government wishes to adopt these horrid and inhumane practices--it's clear they're headed in that direction based on these recent events alone.

The normalization of pedophilia and sexual assault must come to an end! Where will humanity draw the line?

On Saturday November 4th, 2017 Waleed bin Talal, a member of the Saudi royal family, was arrested by the Saudi Arabian government. Along with bin Talal, ten senior princes and dozens of ministers were also arrested all of which are being charged for corruption and money laundering. These arrests were initiated by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's newly formed anti-corruption committee.

Ironically enough, billionaire bin Talal is well known for being involved in American politics with deep ties to both the Clintons and Obama. Back in 2015, President Trump called Waleed out over Twitter for using his "daddy's money" to manipulate U.S. politicians and said bin Talal "can't do it when [Trump] gets elected." President Trump is nothing other than a man of his word and foresaw this arrest long before it took place.

Over the coming weeks and months, Americans should expect to hear further implications made about Obama and the Clintons and their involvement with Saudi royalty. It's time these corrupted crooks pay their dues!

Signal App – Your Security Is Your Right!

When the FBI cannot hack into your phone and steal data, then you know you did something right! Most likely you were using the Signal App created by Open Whisper Systems or another encryption service.

Matt Green uses it, Edward Snowden uses it, Laura Poitras uses it, Bruce Schneier uses it and President Donald Trump uses it!

For the ones who have never heard of Signal before, we hereby tell you why you should use it…

What does Signal do to your phone?

“Using Signal, you can communicate instantly while avoiding SMS fees, create groups so that you can chat in real time with all your friends at once, and share media all with complete privacy. The server never has access to any of your communication and never stores any of your data.” - Open Whisper Systems

Sometimes we hear people say: “Why should I care about data security and privacy when I have nothing to hide?” The answer to this is simple: It does not matter if you have something to hide or not, no one has the right to access your personal information – no hacker, no thief, no government should be able to take your data without you willingly giving it away!

This is where you can download the app:

For iPhone users please check out this link:

Think twice before using Google Messenger:

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These fibers are #morgellons it is an artificial AI based parasite created in labs and spread through #chemtrails. It destroys skin, nervous system and much more. It’s time that humanity stops calling this a “controversial” disease and actually works towards curing and eradicating it. #awakening #humanity #health

It is no secret many of us are targeted for exposing things that have happened within our own lives, events we've witnessed or simply speaking about controversial topics with solid research to back it up. But what if we told you even if you do none of those things you are still a TI (targeted individual)? You may be wondering how and why. For starters, if you own a computer, a phone, a microwave or a television you are automatically targeted. But by WHAT exactly?

Electro Magnetic Fields or Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMFs).

There's actually a patent on a specific device used to send out EMFs through technological devices which can manipulate the nervous system. The patent number is # US 6506148 B2 and is owned by Hendricus G. Loos who has an additional 11 patents for similar devices all capable of manipulating the nervous system. According to the millenniumreport.com, Dr. Loos has also worked on governmental projects within the Department of Defense, the Department of Health and Human Services and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

EMFs can not only negatively effect one's nervous system but psychologically as well. To learn more about this topic we recommend checking out our CEO's recent Q&A psyops video up on her YouTube channel @chelacooley.

Former actor and Nickelodeon producer, Dan Schneider, is a rumored pedophile.. and apparently has been for years now.

There are very disturbing stories across the internet about his foot fetishes and how he has had child/teen actors play them out in the confines of his office. There are also stories about his relationships with the underage teenage stars of his shows and how they led to spin-off shows for the girls or blacklisting for those who refused to participate.

According to Redstate.com, Robert Downey Jr. allegedly wrote a statement about Schneider on Crazy Days and Nights under the username 'Himmmm':
"Hes a monster. The WORST predator alive. And if you wonder why nobody will confront or charge him? Hes in charge of multiple HIT SHOWS for Nick which rakes in oceans of money. Tens of millions of dollars multiplied by many years and many shows (not to mention his merchandising royalties). So Viacom-Nick warn him to cool it – then pay for his damn lawyers.

What about the parents? No tweener parent who shoved their kid into the limelight from birth is going to cross him either, and risk career suicide and loss of revenue (and residuals and future career). No matter how bad it ****s up the kids. Especially if theres MULTIPLE kid actors in the family. And the kids agents are complicit too. Just ask the Spears family. A LOT of settlements get paid out of Viacoms accounts.

There have been rumors swirling about Dan Schneider for quite some time. Rumors that he is the father Jamie Lynn Spears daughter, got Amanda Bynes pregnant and paid for her abortion, and took the virginity of countless Nickelodeon starlettes. A quick Google search will show you how many people are catching onto this guy and questioning his innocence."

Over the last couple of weeks there have been three attacks against the Swedish police with only two leaving actual damage.

The first attack took place on October 18th where a police station in Helsingborg was bombed which destroyed the front of the station.
On October the 18th there was a bomb attack at the police station In Helsingborg. The second attack was a shooting at a policer's home; their house was being shot at from the outside repeatedly.

It has also been reported that specific police officers' are being targeted and their information is being put on the internet including pictures of their family members as well as their home address.

These threats occur on a daily basis and Swedish law enforcement claims they now have to check beneath their cars every day for bombs before driving.

If Swedish police are fearing for their lives, where does that leave the citizens of Sweden?

Weinstein has been caught as a pedophile dozens of times = Hollywood and the media remains silent and/or defends him no matter what.
Kevin Spacey deals with one allegation which he didn't admit to = Immediately found guilty with no evidence and his entire career is destroyed.

This is the typical hypocrisy and double standard of Hollywood as well as the media. We do not know if the allegations against Kevin Spacey are true or not but this sounds like typical pysops created by Hollywood to coverup or distract the public from something else.

Let's recall Spacey's show, House of Cards, where he revealed many of the illuminati's daily practices and operations. We believe it's possible that Kevin is being punished because he revealed too much, too accurately.

#Repost from our Media Director @nahpsee_valle (@get_repost)
To those that support Joe Biden.. turn the volume all the way UP👆🏼
If you don't think this freak along with Obama, the Clintons and many other government officials aren't pedophiles and participate in human trafficking, pedophilia and sacrificial rituals then you're living in lalaland. These freaks aren't humans, if they were they wouldn't be doing such evil and malevolent things behind closed doors. Pedophiles CANNOT hide anymore, they are being exposed on a DAILY BASIS and it will only continue until every last one of them is rotting behind bars or dead. When somebody comes forward to speak about this, like Corey Feldman for example, we must support them and make a conscious effort to protect their lives because they are/will be hunted.

The rest of the #JFKfiles are on their way! Of course the FBI and CIA wanted to delay their release 🙄😒 Has anyone taken a look at the files released yesterday? Leave us a comment below if you came across anything interesting!👇

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