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Bill Kaschner  5560 N. Park Dr. Butler,WI Skateboard park. All built for skateboarding.

Today was a good day! Thanks for all the birthday wishes! Saturday Skate Club is where it's at. This crew is the best! #saturdayskateclub #ssc

Saturday Skate Club was poppin today! #saturdayskateclub #ssc

What is Rangers next move going to be at Saturday Skate Club tomorrow! 12 and under! Parents skate Free!! 10am-Noon. Instructors on site ready to help. #ssc #saturdayskateclub

Trick tips with BOOMBA. 5-0 fakie. @_boooomba_

@ethanshredtag breaking off a piece the other night. πŸŽ₯ @_boooomba_

πŸ‹πŸ‹πŸ‹ filmed an edit of ya boy @nick_potter7

@poopsick @summertimeandy hi jacked the park last night. Nice seeing you guys! 🎣🎣

Saturday Skate Club wrapped in a birthday party! Had a blast today! See you next week!! #saturdayskateclub #ssc

I've always bragged on how my 1989 Toyota Tercel got on the front of an @ftc_skateboarding T shirt featuring @hufworldwide doing a backside kickflip at Cass St school. Josh Ellis @stinky_dinky from wanted to do a review on this famous car and what I was bumping on the system at the the time. Check out my mix on Milwaukees infamous website! Hope you all enjoy!!

Saturday Skate Club was off the chain today! Thanks for coming everybody! See you next week!! #saturdayskateclub #ssc

@sbcmke training for the slalom contest on Pewaukee lake this summer. πŸŽ₯ @paulthebastard

Lots of progression today at Saturday Skate Club! Had a blast with the young bucks! See you next week!! #saturdayskateclub #ssc

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