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Pencil portrait of @majidmichelmm
Art by @ceeart6

@sheyi_pencilz on this

The Martyrdom of Reason (a.k.a. Headache's cure, after the Yoruba proverb Orí bíbé kó ni oògùn Orí fífó)

Oil pastels and acrylic on primed linen canvas


It is not my desire, or forte to prattle on needlessly. My preferred course being the use of paint and canvas, and neither a waggling tongue nor the virtual keys of this keyboard. However, as the people of the Calla from Stephen King's epic, The Dark Tower would often say, "Hear me, I beg." This here above, is my distillation of the Yoruba proverb that admonishes that decapitation is not medicine for headache. Orí bíbé, kó ni oògùn Orí fífó. It is a limb off the Book of Proverbs, a project I birthed in 2015, to give pictures to my understanding of these sayings. This image has been imprinted in same glaring details you see, in my head for the years since. But courage, and perhaps readiness of mind and ability robbed me of its earlier execution.
I grew up under the guidance of parents that often admonished me and siblings, with proverbs, thrown like whips, but that hit home better. Their words, after the hotness of rebuke had cooled, and friendship with progeny revisited, I would often ask the understanding of. I was (more so now than ever) very much interested in my origins, and it's proverbs and anecdotes tickled me rightly.
My parents reminded me often, whenever my senses took leave of me, of these sometimes-difficult proverbs.
Coming of age, and exposure to the truth beneath the glossy facade the world presents, often lent me remembrance and better understanding. And, though I still look askance at some of the words passed down from long dead ancestors, whose bones have by now turned to dust, the wisdom in most is undeniable, and their truth today, as sure as cold in December.
Though I do not lack in much a way, the ability to paint pretty pictures, and help you forget the world's ills, or deny their existence. I elect to, from time to time, as Emerson said "...Speak what you think today in hard words and tomorrow speak what tomorrow thinks in hard words again, though it contradict every thing you said today." So, look above, see it very well. Make what you will o


Art work for @comfortfedoke
Art work by @penciledcelebrities

@timinaija Cartoon art

Painting by @beatbyace

Painting by Tobiloba Kareem

Model - @pweetydami
Body art by - @beatbyace
Photographer - @jameswynerphotography

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A Creative Art by Arinze Stanley. Titled: 'Losing Dreams'

A Creative Body Art by @mascoteda Motion
Model : @mimzbee
Shot by: @imagio_photography 🎥: @vincefraser

A Creative art by Segun Eden made by Cold, hard, Sharp medium of steel screw.

Journals with the couple drawn on the cover and made into a digital artwork for souvenirs.

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