Happy birthday to my fave, my queen and my saviour @officiallyniasioux you're actually one of my favourite people in this fandom (even though we stan completely different people) and I love you so much❤️ I'm sorry I didn't make you an edit but I have no Nia videos saved (oops) and my storage is full from TDA😑BUTTTTTT ILYSM and i hope you have the best bday ever!! Happy you're finally 15💕

THIS GIRL IS 12🎉💕 happy happy birthday to my one and only Jamba Juice dance buddy, and one of the sweetest, funniest girls I know!! @zoerossi not only are you one of my favourite dancers, but I'm happy to call you my friend🤗 You are such an amazing dancer and you are always so so sassy!! I had the best time watching you dance and hanging out with you at radix❤️ I miss you so much and hope I get to see you again soon😉 Hope you have the best birthday ever, you deserve it💝🎈#dancemoms

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY FAVOURITE AND LEAST FAVOURITE PERSON EVER @diego._pasillasfan 🎉💗 okay so you're FINALLY a teen (took you long enough) and that's weird cause now you're not my little fetus anymore. Even though I think you've only ever said two nice things to me I know you love me and I love you too!! I'm sorry I had to miss your bday while I'm at camp but your the bestest and ily to death❤️❤️❤️ hope you have an amazing birthday!!
PS. thank you so so much to everyone who made a video!! You guys are all awesome😘 #dancemoms

bye guys!! I'm off to camp, I'll be back in 12 days🤗 I may have some friends posting for me on some special occasions😉 BUTTTTT I won't actually be on until the 21st so see you guys then💕

Jordan Matter had the best snapchat stories😂😂

long overdue edit for my fave little ones @couch_sisters 💕 you three have come so far since the beginning of the season and I'm so incredibly proud!!!
@princesskami23 wow!! Top 3 at Radix and top 20 at TDA, you've been killing it💜
@katiebugcouch your performances these past two weeks have blown my mind! You are incredible😱
@kenzcouch you performed incredibly at TDA and I'm so happy for you getting 3rd at radix, very well deserved😘

okay I looooove this pic😍 the girls are all stunning and the lighting is the bomb!

terrible screenshots but these kids killed it!!! So sad that this is the very last time but so excited to see what's coming next😭😁 @project21official

I'm sorry guys I truly do not post enough about this beauty, but I LOVE Bostyn Brown💕 @bostynbrown3

my favourite part of my favourite solo this season💕 Kalea, I have always loved this solo but seeing it in person took it to a whole new level! Sitting on the side with your friends and sisters screaming our heads off and cheering you on made this another level of beautiful, and it was definitely your best performance of the season! Sooo proud of you for getting 1st with this and so happy I was able to share that moment with you❤❤ can't wait to see how you impress me next season! @hapadancer21 @staja21 @janniohidalgo

even though it's 2:47 here there are still 13 minutes left till @haydenhopkins birthday is over in Vegas! so I just wanted to wish this queen the happiest of 20ths🎉 you're so amazing Hayden😍💕

you guys didn't think I could forget about these 3 queens? These were probably my top 3 junior solos from finals. I loved how original they were😍😍 @aleena_aoun @dancin_selena @avaheartstap

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