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Hayley Brooks  Nail polish isn't an addiction, it's a lifestyle💅👌

I love the @limecrimemakeup velvetine in cashmere!💀😍

Kleancolor Pastel Purple and some gold studs from amazon💜

I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday! Well obviously my nails look a little longer, but I decided to get acrylics after my nails kept breaking due to stress. I know acrylics are looked down upon, but I personally love these and it's all about what makes you happy right? Well anyways this is "Celestial" and "Confetti" from @ciatelondon! I'm also thinking of making a video for my youtube for the first time in forever today, gimme ideas!❤️

Christmas nails! Excuse the quality of my nails, when life gets hard the nails take the blow!

Omg look who it is! I'm so sorry I've been absent for so long, a lot has happened recently. I started my junior year of high school which as most of you know is designed to be your toughest year. My dad also had a severe aneurism (major rupture of an artery) and actually passed away for a few minutes before he was revived. He was in the hospital for a month, but he's home now and on his road to a full recovery. As you can assume I haven't had any time for my nails, but I'm doing them as we speak! I'm going to try to start posting more and thank you to everyone who has stuck around! I love you all❤️

Ombre nails using @opi_products my vampire is buff, @chinaglazeofficial too yacht to handle and studs from amazon😊

Stupid glare😭 these were inspired by @build_a_nail using @opi_products Gargantuan Green Grape, My Vampire is Buff, and My Favorite Ornament 😊

still loving these😍👽


These are so pretty and sparkly in person😍 i used @chinaglazeofficial Snow and Too Yacht To Handle and @opi_products My Favorite Ornament ❤️

Repost of my most liked mani😊

Daisies😋🌼 #orfriedeggs?

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