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Tamya  🌱// 18 🎊 "When you come out of the storm, you won't be the same person who walked in."

"The most beautiful things in life aren't things. They're people and places, memories and pictures. They're feelings and moments and smiles and laughter."
#landesakademieochsenhausen #jazzchorlemotion #rehearsalweekend #choir #music #jazz #2ndfamily

I'm taking a moment to appreciate the best thing in my life.
#thankyouforthebestvacationever #iloveyou #bestfriend #vacation #sea #france #lanadelrey #alwaysthere @aiiimy_

The poetry of earth is never dead.

"There is a ship, and she
sails the sea.
She's loaded deep, as deep can be.
But not as deep, as the love I'm in
I know not how
I sink or swim." ✨
#thankyou #thewateriswide #lemotion #magicalmoment #cave #jamestaylor #jazzchorlemotion #singing

"Beyond the door, there's peace; I'm sure. And I know there'll be no more tears in heaven."✨

"Why are you Vegan?" You ask me, without wanting to know it. You wait for something to come out of my mouth so you can say that I'm wrong. We exploit sentient beings. Pay for them to be tortured, to go through a horrible, unhygienic and unhealthy process to have a piece of meat on our plate. Organic Animal Products do not make it okay to kill them, because when is killing ever humane? Our planet is falling to pieces and we are turning a blind eye to it. To the hunger all over this rich, resourceful, green planet. We produce enough calories to feed 13 billion humans. Yet most of that goes to livestock. The waste that is produced by 2500 dairy cows is equivalent to the waste from a city of 411000 people. We are running out of water because a cow that isn't free uses up more than twice as much water as a free one would. We pollute it, misuse it to clean farm facilities and slaughterhouses were feces, blood and antibiotics pollute it and make it impossible to reuse it. We shouldn't eat soyproducts? Well 92% of the soy that's harvested goes to livestock and animal agriculture leaves 1-2 acres of rainforest (which provides us with the air we breathe; cleans it)every minute to die because the soil is not re- usable. 660 gallons of water are in need for the making of ONE burger only that is equivalent to two months of showering. And global greenhouse gas emissions? 51% of them are released due to livestock and their byproducts. Only 13% come from transport like road, rail, air and marine. 91% of the amazon is destructed because we ignore the truth.
So think of the cruelty world hunger, climate change and the destruction of nature brings. It is not worth putting something, that my body doesn't even need into it. We like to think we are the smarter race.
It's time to start acting like it.
#govegan #veganism #climatechangeisreal #waterpollution #raiseawareness #vegansofig #vegan

"Levez les mains en l'air, allez allez allez."
#tb #france #dinard #takemeback

Sandy bum 💕

"Komm und lass die andern rennen, lass uns zwei im Regen stehn." #jazzvocalsüd2017 #parkplatzregen

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