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Cras 💎 Members Only  Industry Producer & Consultant. I help established producers get more beat customers & clients. Owner of @Beatsites. 👇🏽Grab your free drumkit below.


Morning motivation - easily the most underrated album of the year. On the scale of “real shit”.

Happy Birthday to my mentor and music genius @sirhumptyhump - I guess its only right my son made his first beat on his own today. Coincidence? Maybe not!
We dedicate this beat and the day to you my guy.

Thank you for putting time into me and seeing something in me...shaping my music, but more importantly showing me the reality of the industry and staying true to self over all.

Thanks @moneyb69 you too bro! Ya’ll held me down like crazy. Can’t thank ya’ll enough!

New youtube video for my producers. Motivation. You’re the average of the 5 people you spend most of your time with. Choose wisely.
Youtube: Crasbangers

Today’s office. You can impose your will on your own life. Yes God wants you to be productive and happy AF. Am i living, working, playing, grinding, falling behind, getting ahead, enjoying, agonizing, being in the moment, free or in the rat race? I like to think i’m helping and being appreciated. That’s whats most fulfilling on my journey. Thats just me. Do you. The most you. The highest you. Everyone has their own path. You are not your circumstances. Rise above.

When you become a client, we begin helping your beats and business immediately. There’s no delay.
What are you waiting for?

[Client testimonial] this is all the motivation i need! to keep helping other producers achieve success! when they thought it was hella far off. Its not. You can do it. Its mainly about access to the right information. And then going out and taking action on it. Go get it.

Which number are you?

Education over entertainment.

#Maui diet starts now! On a mission to drop 30 In less than 60 days! Amen 🙏🏽#scale #smartwaterbottle #basketball #headphones #water #almonds #hellasalad #avocados

Got a family? Still wanna do beats? Still gotta handle biz? Follow this formula:
Homeschool + Run ur own music production biz = freedom to come and go as u please.
This is the result of grinding since 2010. Start today. Do ur own thing. Bet on yourself. Listen to yourself. Start now.
#musicproducer #MauiBound #Blessed #Grateful #HumbleAF #Appreciate #everything.
It was not like this in the beginning at all. Some days i still feel like i still dont know what i’m doin. Trust in yourself. Trust your vision.

Do u have more than one hustle?

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