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Jaymi Horne  Production seamstress by day...published pattern designer at night. Indianapolis, IN Quilts available at➡️; patterns at

Kitchen update: we got the frame and top stained this weekend and are liking the results. This was the cheapest (construction grade) wood available, just to make a mock up. Good thing, because it’s the wrong size (lesson learned!), but this one be used as a potting bench! Wood cost: $20

Working on our next project: redoing kitchen cabinets. This is the third or fourth thing we’ve tried, and I think we finally like this concept! #refinishingsucks #$20forallthiswood #sherwinwilliamshasbannedme

I decided I needed a corner cabinet, but couldn’t find what I wanted. So I found a room divider and made it into a corner shelf. I got to use a band saw and a belt sander for the first time! (If anyone wants to buy me one I’ll love you forever! 😂). I’m so in love with it and am thrilled with the way it turned out!

I have the best assistant! When he’s done with this job of refinishing cabinets, he’s available to hire at $400/hour! 😂 but seriously, he can do everything! #kitchenremodelck

I’ve posted about @burgerfuel before. They’re so good, I’m posting again. This week’s special is a marinated tofu sandwich. 😍😍😍

Lazy Sunday

New crochet project! #crochet

I’m gonna write a book. It’s gonna have three chapters. They will be titled thusly... Chapter One: Wallpaper should be outlawed. Chapter Two: Cabinets should have feet and should NOT be closed off on the bottom 🤢. Chapter Three: If I’m with my hubby at the hardware store and I’m looking for help and I’M asking the questions, please do NOT look at said hubby to answer the questions. He’s just here ‘cause I made him come. Just because I’m a chick does not mean I can’t tear out old cabinets.
Author’s note: it’s a short book, but very thorough. 😂

I’m done! I’m trying so hard to finish a project before moving on to the next. Sometimes it’s difficult to focus through to the end, but the satisfaction of finishing and the excitement of getting to start the next project has been so rewarding! (Sidenote: I consider it finished when the stitching is done. I’ll weave in ends and block it later. Someday) 😂 #knitting

This is what the boy does when he goes to the grandparents’ house 😂😂 #qualitytime

New clearance baby!! #kangaroopawfern

Working on a baby blanket! #knitting

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