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What a nice ritual. They applaud the sunset on the beach.

Pretty find this morning. No idea what it is but half the size of my palm. Darwin.

Morning songs in Darwin accommodation.

Tropical drinks and music. Someone's got to do it. Darwin.

Each patch represents 250 years of Aboriginal existence on our continent. One patch represents the amount of time we white fellas have been here and buggered everything up.#alwayswasalwayswillbeaboriginalland

Lots of this.

The first thing I am aware of learning in school was in my first week when the nun who taught me said that if you picked Sturt's Desert Pea and put it in a vase the table would be covered in tears in the morning. Odd factoid stuck in my head for many decades and never tested.

Bedroom door view.

Follow the leader.

The feral cats here are big and have adapted to the stone colours here. This one was seen concentrating on hoovering up every single insect on this small patch of grass. Couldn't even be distracted by my close proximity.

A few times in your life you get to meet and have a quality conversation with a quality individual. Thankyou Uncle Harold Nayda for giving so generously of your time, for the tour and the great conversation. #araluenartscentre #arrentecountry#alicesprings

Spot the rock wallaby.

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