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One of the delights of this time of year, depending on where you live, is the changing of the leaves. It's long since done for us here, but it's good to remember warmer times and pretty colors.

This mule deer and his harem of does were so ridiculously tame that I could get this close with my camera and it didn't bother them. They just kept grazing on the lawn.

We were leaving the park when I noticed the sunset starting. I went with my gut and said turn around. We went back to Sunset Point and I couldn't believe my eyes. I got to work and captured this beautiful photograph of Bryce Canyon.

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This was one of those moments where I was wondering why I had to return back to civilization. It was so peaceful and beautiful at Jenny Lake in Grand Teton National Park.

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I tried several times to get a good shot of this mountain goat. It was sitting in deep shade almost every time. It decided to come out on top of the rocks the final time I tried with the camera. Good thing I came back.

When I heard the tram driver point out the photographers gathering on the bridge in front of us to catch the late afternoon sunlight on the cliffs, I knew where I had to be in the next few minutes.

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As the weather cools down again, we will start seeing dramatic sunsets again like this one. Make sure that you get someplace where there's few obstructions to the view and you can see fire in the sky like this.

Death is never fun to deal with. Despite the dark reason for our trip, we managed to find time to visit the San Diego pier on Ocean Beach for this classic shot underneath the pier.

I've started noticing lately that some of the best pictures I've ever taken are right on the side of the road where others tend to overlook. This picture of City of Rocks is one such example.

Sometimes you have to look down and see the small but beautiful things which surround you. These delicate white wildflowers are a testament to that.

Our photograph "Ancient Red Skyscrapers" will make a beautiful addition to your home as you can see with this living room.

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While hiking back up, I happened to see this amazing view through the arch. Sometimes, it really helps to open our eyes and look.

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