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Wild sunflowers are some of my favorite summertime flowers. They grow wild all over. Getting the right shot is easy with how many you see.

This gorgeous waterfall, on the Snake River, is a popular tourist destination. If you can get perfect light in this south-facing canyon, the shot is well worth the visit.

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When out for a landscape photograph, I spotted this rainbow. I hoped that it would last till we reached our destination. It was fading out by the time we reached Fairyland. Then I noticed that, if I stood in the right place, I could still catch the rainbow before it faded completely.

The Fourth of July was great. The fireworks shows were amazing as usual. We got lots of great firework photographs. Check them out.

Independence Day is almost here (Tuesday). Celebrating 241 years of choosing our own destiny as a country. Happy Independence Day America!

One of the things I love best about this time of year are the butterflies flying around. They make me happy.

Sometimes, all it takes for a good photo is to get a different angle. This monolith of a rock formation looked very different once I hiked out and got off the road.

Sometimes, the small details are the most interesting to photograph. If I had not been looking down when I was, this photo of a green pine cone would not have happened at all.

I have really good luck with last minute shots which I took for the heck of it. This amazing shot of Utah hoodoos was one such shot.

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Getting the right mood for a room can be as easy as buying the right fine art. Check out how "Idaho Spring" makes this room look cool and soothing, just what you need in the bedroom.

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I was getting all set up for a landscape sunset shot when the cows decided to see what I was up to. They made the shot so much better, don't you think?

My mother-in-law really loves bleeding heart flowers. We surprised her one Mothers' Day with the plant you see here. She was ecstatic.

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