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Craig Welch  Senior writer @natgeo. Enthusiastic but average runner. Angler. Dad. Must have mountains. Also sea.

Kevin, Paul and Leah, cursing me for talking them into #rainshadowrunning #sunmountain25k after climbing 1,100 feet in barely a mile right out of the gate. It didn’t make them happier to learn at the starting line that our 3,000 feet of uphill running covered a new route that was actually 17 miles. But, wow: the wildflowers were everywhere. #trailsforever #mountainrunning #instarunner #runnersofinstagram 2) Tom and @goldsmith7041 working through pre-race jitters while Leah gawks at the glorious landscape; 3) the top of the monster hill, looking north across the #Methow; 4) @chrisasolomon and I after running; 5) walking past the lovely @springcreeker ranch; 6) all but two of our team of runners; 7) @sgreenes10 about 2 hours and 41 minutes before coming in second among men over 40; 8) Paul and I about to cross back into the woods at mile 7, after about 1,700 feet of climbing. #running #runner #trailrunner

Seven miles in w/10 more to go—and 1,700 feet of climbing behind us with nearly 1,300 feet of hills still ahead—and feeling surprisingly good. What an incredible day for my favorite spring mountain trail run. The #NorthCascades weather was perfect, all 10 members of our running group finished (two in the top 20), and the body didn’t fail me. Took me exactly as long as last year, even though this time I stopped to wait and photograph friends, and the course, normally a 25k, turned out to be 17 miles. (Organizers informed us of the, er, extension 30 seconds before the start, which added a nice little bit of extra spice.) So I’m getting faster. Just slowly. But I’ll take it. Pic by @jen.e.langston

Pre-race walkabout. This is not the weather I expected. I’ll take it.

Hitting the road tonight for some semi-regular spring training foolishness in the #northcascades. Looks to be cold and damp, and I can’t wait. Mountains. Trails. Suffering. May our uphills be faster than expected, our bear encounters no closer than several hundred yards, and our finish times fast enough that the beer isn’t gone when we stumble across the line. #sunmountain #rainshadowrunning #trailrunning #runningmotivation #runnersofinstagram #instarunner #instarunners #sunmountain25k #mountainrunning

Two fifth graders, a decent drum kit, and one fake Ned Schneebly swinging the axe with his totally kick-ass band. What a great way to spend a May evening. #theaterkids #broadwaymusicals #schoolofrock

My 10-year-old daughter just came in second place among elementary students in a statewide essay-writing contest. Her idea: How placing more emphasis on educating girls in India could help them fight climate change. So don’t come at me with hopelessness. I ain’t buying it. #climatechange #childrenarethefuture

Rolling through the Great Rift Valley in 2016, heading for Addis Ababa and home after nearly a month in a tent. We dropped almost two miles in elevation in a few hours of driving, plunging from the cool air of the mountains into wicked heat, the world of the camel caravan. #tbt #onassignment for @natgeo #africa

Because every day is better if it ends with cetaceans. This was a welcome sight this February when we finally hopped back aboard the m/v Oveja Negra after 10 days of camping in rain and high winds with no running water during our expedition to Cape Horn, Chile, the last significant island between South America and Antarctica. @brian.buma #latergram #onassignment for @natgeo w/@iantehphotography @insidenatgeo @felipe_mendez_g @omar_barrosop
#wildlifephotography #marinelife #islands #wildseas #conservation #capehorn #southamerica #chile #patagonia #dolphins #whales #marinemammals #argentina

Turns out you *can* carbo load for a 15-mile run with IPAs and mint juleps—as long as you add in amazing rice noodles. (Thanks, @pcat!) Finished the last long training run today before upcoming #rainshadowrunning #sunmountain #trailrace. Great to get out w/four of our nine teammates (also started just as a fifth was bringing his predawn run home). Our 2,000-foot climb puts me over 25,000 feet of uphill running since training started a few months ago. Sure hope it’s enough. #trailrunning #runnersofinstagram #instarunners #running

It’s #WorldPenguinDay, time to celebrate these amazing little machines. Watching these Adelie penguins on this ridiculously beautiful block of blue ice off Paulet Island on the #AntarcticPeninsula is one of my favorite moments from our @natgeo trip to Antarctica two years ago. I especially dig watching the sliders—the birds who pull their wings back like skiers in a tuck and just coast down slope banging into their neighbors. You can see one on the outskirts, but if you look closely it’s almost as if he tags another to continue the journey. The speedster then somehow breezes through the middle of the crowd. So much life. So much change. For more, see link in my bio to read our story from the November issue of National Geographic magazine. #southernocean #seabirds #tbt w/ @paulnicklen @cristinamittermeier @ladzinski @andy_mann @pattersonimages @ianvaso @shane_moore_jh @insidenatgeo @sealegacy

Congrats, all. Terrific news. Videos from our November @natgeo Antarctica story just won three Webby Awards. Nice work.
Repost from @sealegacy using @Repost - Photograph by @PaulNicklen // It’s no secret that we’re a little polar obsessed here at SeaLegacy - and apparently so are you! Thanks to your votes, “Polar Obsession” received THREE Webby Awards: People’s Voice for VR: Cinematic or Pre-rendered, People’s Voice for 360-Video and Honoree for Best Narrative Experience. HUGE congratulations to @PaulNicklen and the @NatGeo crew! “Polar Obsession” takes you on an epic adventure across raging seas and into a dreamlike land where you come face to face with one of Antarctica’s most charismatic creatures: a 1,000-pound leopard seal. More images from the expedition were published as a story by @craigwelch in the November 2018 Issue of National Geographic Magazine.

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The Beast, Stefan Frei, warming up at CenturyLink. #sounders #soundersfc @therealstefan24frei #mls #soccer #footballers #keepers #goalkeepers

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