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Craig Walsh 

Saturday afternoon cocktails. #outriggercanoeclub

The Louise Dillingham fountain near the Outrigger Canoe Club at the base of Diamond Head. #fountain

French dip sandwich for lunch. #frenchdip

Mana gave us quite a scare the other day when he couldn’t walk on his back legs. I rushed home and took him to the emergency vet. They had to carry him in from the car on a stretcher. I waited, anxiously, in the reception area. When they called me in to the examining room he was standing up and wanted to go home. He got some NSAIDs and some Tramadol and we were told he should have a week of rest. He may have sprained his back playing ball. Glad to have the old chap back to normal.

Zip/min at Zippy’s. Slow, slow service. #zipmin #zippys

Mochi aplenty at Marukai. Some stuffed with peanut butter, other with Oreo cookies. #mochi #marukai

Nawiliwili Harbor and the Kauai Marriott from the bluff above. #nawiliwiliharbor #kauaimarriott

Her Ladyship going one way, the furkids going another. The wettest spot on earth in the background. #bullterrier #bordercollie #hanalei

A herd of gentle nene, come and play. Hawaii’s flightless geese. At one time only 60 left in the world. #nene #hanaleivalley

The lookout over the Hanalei Valley with its taro lo’i. #hanalei #taro #poicompany

A plastic root beer float. But the (real) ice cream here is great. #rootbeerfloat #coldfyyre

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