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This just happened and I think she/he likes it here as it's now been submerged for ten minutes. This is timely as Amma said just yesterday that she's a reptile kind of person so I'm hoping this counts as a pet. 🦎 We'll have to have the kids name it later. #iguana #petiguana #reptilesofinstagram

Braces for Tish!

Great way to end the season! Played their hearts out. #soccerlife

Lake Braddock high school reunion. Could be brothers. Good to be back in The NoVA area.

Wonder if #hiltonhotel will have a sense of humor when I go to the front desk in about ten minutes to see if they have extra pairs of men's boxer briefs? Maybe four days worth to be exact? Reason? Single parenting is hard and you end up forgetting things sometimes. At least the kids lunches were packed before I left today 😳

Family dinner at the beach! 🌊 ☀️ 🥘

Solar oven school project fun. #takesavillage
#latergram #procrastination

When life get stressful, nothing brings me out of a funk more than looking at my kids work. Whether it's art, a birthday card like this one, or a letter, these are the words that bring me gratitude for them and how they are becoming such amazing human beings. Reading this card today was just what I needed. #prouddad #gratitude #fatherdaughter

Girls on the run 5k. #gotr

Amma's soccer coach has them each do an affirmation at the end of practice. They call them "I am". Love their coaches. They are great examples for these young girls. #affirmations #soccer

Don't do it Craig. Stay the course. Too many years on this health food kick to divert now. #costco #resistjunkfood (looks amazing though and brings me back to my childhood days).

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