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Craig Jones  @polaris_professional Middleweight Champion

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Remembering: the very moment when Craig Jones became a household name in jiu-jitsu. Will his legend continue to grow this weekend?

Hahahahaha these keep getting better and better @kasaigrappling @timura_bjj

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🔥 CRAIG JONES vs. ROUSIMAR PALHARES | Don’t miss #KASAIPro3 on August 18 when #JiuJitsu’s biggest event comes to the Big Apple 🔥

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Getting ready: Craig Jones has been training hard in the blue basement getting ready for his showdown against the formidable Rousimar Palhares at @kasaigrappling in two weeks in NYC at the Hammerstein Ballroom. That’s a very glamorous venue for the outstanding athletes that Kasai has brought together - until then it’s the much less glamorous blue basement 😜😜 Mr Jones has shown admirable drive in training and is making rapid progress. There is a sense in which his experience now is also your experience as you battle towards your own aspirations - just on a lesser scale for now. The idea is the same - CHOOSE A DATE AS A DEADLINE FOR A PERFORMANCE- WHETHER IT IS PUBLIC COMPETITION OR PRIVATE GYM PERFORMANCE IS NOT IMPORTANT - THE REAL COMPETITION IS WITHIN YOU - CREATE A PLAN TO IMPROVE YOUR PERFORMANCE BY THAT DATE AND EXHIBIT THE DISCIPLINE AND WISDOM TO GET IT DONE. It’s a wonderful opportunity for the juniors to train with a such an outstanding grappler and a good daily test for Mr Jones every day in a very leg lock heavy room to test the skills he will need to build and exhibit against such a tough and talented opponent. This is the notion of mutual benefit in action. Remember always that best kind of benefit is MUTUAL BENEFIT. Only then can the relationships needed to build skills and strength over time be sustained long enough to make significant progress in any enterprise in which you take part.

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A few weeks ago I had the chance to meet up with @craigjonesbjj to film a new short doc on his meteoric rise to the top of the Jiujitsu world. During the interview I asked him about the potential match up against fellow leg locker Rousimar Palhares. Here's a short clip of Craig's thoughts on the match up. You can see the full video on my YouTube channel and Facebook page.
I'm hoping to release the full short film in a months time so stay tuned the updates.
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@kasaigrappling 3 someone’s taking a rehab vacation after this one

The face of confusion. Not long now until the opening round of the @spyder_korea championship

I signed 2 scary contracts this month. Palharres at @kasaigrappling and this one 💍

Solid turnout last night in Adelaide. Love coming back to my home city and seeing all my old friends. Thanks for hosting @progressivebjj

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