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Craig Gleason 🔪  Artist/collector/Knucklehead Arizona Founder of the Bad Guys Club


I think I’ve stumbled upon my book cover.

Best shirt design of 2018?

@123pingu has been making these super rad 3D renditions of bad Guys Club characters. I can’t get enough of them.

“Here they come”
Primus posters are hitting the mail. A couple more batches and they’ll all be on their way. Thank you everyone for making this sale such a success. You’re going to flip when you see these in person.


Brain storming.

I, for one, am stoked on how the Monster Hand shirt overprinting turned out. Thanks @nightowlsprint for going along with my dumb ideas.

“Alien Intercourse”

Starting a new painting.

The power is out once again, so I’m working on a drawing for a group art show, celebrating the 200th anniversary of Frankenstein. #frankenstein200

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