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Jace Fox  Book reader/artist/writer/TWD Fan/crocheter/dreamer/anime/K-Drama/manga/💗Dramafever/gamer/ferrets/bordercollies/shepherds/pointers/chickens 🐔

LOL #flashbackfriday to a Natsu #derp face

I totally missed #internationalcatday here are the resident kitties that rule the Wonderland mushroom kingdom lol Loco who will be 2 in December, Warren who is 4, Clarice is the old Dowager Empress at 12 (going to be 13 in a few days) both Warren and Loco are afraid of Clarice lol

Seeing as how I'm the crazy chicken lady my mom got one for me for my birthday and one for her. Since she does help me chase chickens and ducks 😂😂😂

LMFAO every time I turned around Loco was laying down like this

Getting this for the chickens and should be the last "new" coop for awhile lol

When I went to the vet with my friend I just had to look at the chickens and this handsome little man came right over to me and ugh I fell in love with his cute little self 😍😍😍😍

Booker and Jethro

So funny story, tonight mom and I were coming home from Quick Chek and we look across from the auction house and saw something with the deer. At first we thought it was a baby cow and then saw it was a full bearded goat.
I park the car grab a dog leash and go chasing after this wizard goat and it runs like the wind down the train tracks with two deer following it. So I go over to the auction house and let them know they have a goat loose. No one was there, so we head back home again. Goat is now standing on the train tracks I park the car and take off after this stupid goat again and it runs like the hounds of hell are after it. Then it disappears into the woods. I didn't catch the goat and no one knows it is running loose. I almost had a goat and I would have named it Dumbledore, but I'm not running through muddy woods in insensible shoes at night lol

When you wake up looking like a crazy person but your bedhead is kinda lionesque and majestic lol

Poor little Booker woke up yesterday morning to find him having a seizure. It took a lot out of the little guy. He is fine now

Hey my name is Natsu and I love squeak toys,chasing cars and doing zoomies

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