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Sapna Tandel  “Creativity is contagious, pass it on” – Albert Einstein

If you haven’t noticed by now, I love labeling EVERYTHING! Who else has a ton of hot sauce packets lying around!? A while back I shared how I clean out old candle containers. Here’s another use for those cute little containers. After I cleaned out the container, I spray painted the lid black and labeled it with a paint marker. You can also paint it chalkboard black and use chalk to quickly switch it up.

Happy Crafting!

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Too many clothes and not enough space for it all? 🤦‍♀️ I downsized my dresser and didn’t have enough storage options for all my clothes, especially my gym clothes. I came across this rack + baskets at Ikea and though it would be perfect! It fits perfectly in my closet and stores everything I need it to. 👕👖 I decided to make labels out of cardstock to keep things organized. All you need is cardstock, a hold punch and ribbon.
I purchased the ANTONIUS frame ($9.99) and #ANTONIUS basket ($2.50 each) at #Ikea.

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As we get older, we get caught up in routine. Using my @passionplanner to make time for something I miss and love! My planner isn't just for planning but for reflecting and documenting happy days 😊 This month's goal is to get into the rhythm of crafting often. 🖌✂️🎨

Wooden letters make great home decor! Here's a lil inspo 🎨 #CraftsBySaap

This was a super easy craft! Painted the letter, brushed on some Elmer's Glue, sprinkled on some glitter and added a few embellishments 💕

#DecorTip Use photo ledges for more than just photos!

Trying to get back into something I love 💕 #CraftsBySaap

A while back I shared how to clean out used #candle containers. The #containers can be used for just about anything. I used one as a pot!

1. Boil water.
2. Pour boiled water into candle container.
3. Allow remaining wax in container to melt and rise. This may take some time. You also need to allow time for the water to cool and wax to harden.
4. Dispose of wax and water.
5. Wash container with dish soap.
6. Repeat steps 2 to 5 if necessary.


If you haven’t noticed, I love spray painting things gold.

Upgrade your furniture with some spray paint. I have the HEMNES 6-drawer chest from Ikea. I wasn’t a huge fan of the black knobs so I upgraded my dresser by spray painting the knobs gold.

Make your own bulletin boards!

I bought a white frame from Ikea (UNG DRILL) that I turned into a bulletin board.

What you’ll need: -A Frame, -Spray Paint, -Roll of Cork, -& Scissors

1. Remove glass and linings from frame. You will just be spray painting the frame.

2. Spray paint frame. You’ll want to do a few layers to cover the previous color and get a full coat.

3. Cut cork to fit the frame as if it was a photo.

4. Optional: spray paint cork. My frame came with a cardboard lining which I spray painted black.

5. Once the cork and frame are dry, you can put the cork and linings back into the frame; the cork should be the first thing you put back into the frame followed by the linings the frame came with. You do not need to put the glass back in the frame. I did something slightly different. My frame came with cardboard lining which I spray painted black. I liked the smooth finish of the cardboard versus the cork so I put the cardboard in first followed by the cork and original frame linings. I also kept the glass which was put in last for a future project. You want to keep the original linings so there’s enough cushion to keep the cork in place.

Happy Crafting!

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Updated my travel map last night. Peep my story for details! I shared how I made the map in a previous post.

Decorating Tip: Maximize your space by using empty walls! I have a lot of travel related things that I rather put on display than have tucked away. I decided to turn a corner behind my door into a travel section. I added a photo ledge for my photo books and below the photo ledge, I added hooks for purses and coats. On the other wall (not pictured), I hung up tapestry from one of my trips.

Happy Crafting!

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The thrift store is my favorite place to find crafting supplies. Found this bulletin board for $2 at #Goodwill. I decided to paint the border white and the cork board chalkboard black so it can easily be turned into a chalkboard 🖌

Its been a minute 🍦🍍

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