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Caz Franklin  —-Exaltation from Artistry-— music • photo/video • worship 📍 Fortworth, TX

• I love this picture of my dad, and I’m so beyond proud of him... let me share with you what I see when I look at this picture...

We live in a world where we are driven by our own ambition, pride, intuition, selfishness, and we literally wear our egos like a body suit, but the smog of our lives lift off of us when we fully surrender and submit to the Lord

His back is toward the world. It isn’t important to him, cuz what good is it. But yet you wait. You aren’t giving up on it, you are just waiting cuz you serve a big God, and He’s gunna do bigger things beyond what the world can give you. •
The majority of the crowd is white. He’s black. People are now starting to see that the color barrier that they have built up is not only disconnecting the social aspect of everyday life, but it also hinders lost souls from finding truth, because we are blinded by color, and our differences. Now they want to listen to him, because he’s a leader, and they finally see that love and truth have no color.

• Benja makes everything better
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• Submission is how I fight my battles. It may seem like an odd, extreme-risky tactic, but I know that I can’t use my own strength to overcome my flesh. See, we are our own worst enemies. We know our own weaknesses better than anyone else, and we constantly choose to put ourselves into situations in which we know our flesh will fail. But there is only one being in the world that knows your strategies besides yourself, and He wants to fight your battles for you. But first, you have to put down your weapons, so that He can pick up your burdens. Submit. Surrender. Win. Let Him fight your battles.

• So beyond thankful for all the amazing people God has brought into my life. Thank you for making my weekend so special...I love y’all➕

• Today I have been equipped with a title that requires responsibility; a brand that has enabled my rights in society, but could quickly lead to my downfall if I fail to maintain my God point of view, and my compass pointed north. I have been handed a key, and I too am given the choice of which door I decide to open and walkthrough.
Door #1: The freedoms of doing what society says a man should be doing.
Door #2: The freedoms of doing what my God says a man should be doing.
Just because we are given the accessibility for everything permissible, does not justify the fact that it is also beneficial. Today is not just for me, but for the declaration I am signing for the betterment of my manhood. Today I have been given a key, but I choose to let my King hold the lock.

+ DOORSOFF is a media collective aimed towards spreading the love of Christ in all that we do. Stay posted for more content coming real soon!
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• Blue Boy and Green Guy: A FNL story #39-13 #dubs

Man y’all! I miss summer nights like this. Just fun nights jamming and worshiping with family and friends. But the cool part is that nights like these can still happen with @nuvelon flares! Go check them out and tell them ya boy sent ya!! Here’s to many more nights!!
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• Last first day, keepin it God’s way

• Our own love language🤟🏾

• My two moods the whole summer

• On a heat wave🌊

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