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crackboots  a random, beautiful bumper sticker I once saw in a grocery store parking lot : "~*wandering the planet, nomadic state of mind*~" .....yup. 💚💛❤

- broth bowls - I just threw everything from the fridge in a giant bowl of mushroom broth & udon noodles. It was delicious. #icanshowyoutheworldofveganeating

Fried tofu rainbow explosion plate 🌈 #veganfoodissexy

-the more I cook for myself the more I am tasting the natural flavor of food. Radishes are so interesting! And sweet potatoes mmm! 😍 I am loving the colors too.

No filter needed! No meat needed! When my babe asked me for steak & mac n’ cheese he didn’t have to say “pretty please” because my answer was “HELL YES!”. I had not attempted mushroom steak on my own before. After marinating the most beautiful portobello mushroom I have ever seen in a little olive oil, soy sauce, molasses (or maple syrup in a pinch), white wine vinegar, balsamic vinegar & plenty of fresh chopped garlic I roasted this beauty in the oven until it looked well saturated & steamy good. #veganmushroomsteak #homemade #whatabeauty #nodeathonmyplate #whatveganseat

: Home made - from scratch : don’t believe any hype about vegan food being boring🙃 There are over 80,000 edible plants on this beautiful earth that we all share. Just use your imagination 🌱❤️ the possibilities are endless. #veganmacandcheese #homemade #cravings #heymalookwhatimade #whatveganseat

~one of my favorite life lessons...there’s nothing wrong with slowing down. Staying home doesn’t mean you’re boring. Sitting in silence doesn’t mean you aren’t doing anything. My life has taken on a S L O W pace and I find myself fighting against it and feeling the need to be constantly moving. Why? I’m already moving when I’m sitting still, really. In reality we are all hitchhiking on a giant planet that’s always moving through the cosmos. So I think I can kick up my feet for a bit and just focus on what’s around me and not miss much 😘 (photo credit to Holly 💕)

“Don’t be sorry, be yourself.” ~The Ron

~hi beautiful world 👋🏽 ~ the amount of time lately that I have spent on self discovery makes me feel happy. I’m learning what I believe rather than what I have been taught. It’s an intense time of waking up and I feel like a tree growing tall 💕✌🏽 what kind of tree would you be if you could guess? 🤗

I want to share my smile with you today, I’m proud of my heart and it makes me smile and that is good 😊 do you dare to smile back? Are the edges of your lips curling up as you think about how cute you are when you share your light? It’s ok, get cheeky 😉 #thatvegangleam

I thought Ludo got out yesterday and I showed my crazy to visiting guests. It was unreal how much Joy flooded my brain when I found him, calmly laying in a closet. Lol. I could beat myself up for getting so nuts but I’m not gonna. Simple as that 😊 I’m human and I need to be ok with my own emotional ride. It’s valid. So is yours 😘 just don’t ever hide my kitty from me, ok? 😜

Rotting fruit is a great place to find inter-species friendships. Just take a look at these two. A little butterfly & bee having a noon time snack together 💕 🐝 🦋 🍐 #animals #veganlove

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