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Me today


Some of these Snapchat filters are a girls best friend and some are just downright degrading and disrespectful smh. SC: crabbyypattyy 😜

Thank you dad for being the best dad ever. Thank you for always saying Im so pretty, although I was a strange lookin kid, thank you for always telling me to work hard at anything I do, thank you for always believing that "I didn't do it, it was Tico", and most importantly, thank you for letting me help you clean the building on Saturday mornings, those lessons shaped me into the asshole I am today. Thank you daddyπŸ€—

It's how even..? Like wowwww😩😍😍😍😍😍

There's a difference between being the bigger person and being a pussy. Learn it


Don't nobody wanna hear me about Papa Joeee 😭😭😭 #HeARealAssNigga lmmfaoooo #JoeBiden


Please come back yall!!! why yall this happy? come on man😩

Why they said "outrageous" tho?πŸ€” #MissA #AccordingToStudents

My kids and their forty seven friends πŸ˜’

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