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Come out, come out, my little #carpenterbee! #newborn

These streets got love for @kendricklamar!


I have the next 4 days off!!! What a sweet treat! Yeeeaaaahhhhh!!!!!! 😎🀘 If this weekend is half as good as last weekend, it's gonna be amazing! Last weekend started off with this cat. One of my favourite people. The Burleistah! It had been too long, brotha! πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ

Full #moon (#pinkmoon) tonight. That's #Jupiter to the upper right and #Spica just below. The bright light below that is an airplane. NOT A UFO! 🀣

It's good to be up at my favourite #alley again.

Some great #cloudporn in the #tdot today.

#preworkjams Easing into the day with this cool remix of #Lux by #BrianEno and #SleepingUte by #GrizzlyBear from #NicolasJaar

Pre-work jams. #nowspinning #RTJIII

I finally have this #masterpiece on #wax! #nowspinning Lupe Fiasco's amazing debut from 2006, "Food & Liquor". Is this the first time it's been released on #vinyl? I don't recall ever seeing it. Gotta love the gorgeous purple marble #platters! It kinda comes out more red than purple in my pic for some reason. I am absolutely enjoying the opportunity to finally hear it on the #turntables!

Here's the rest of my haul from today's dig. Can't wait to throw them on the wheels of steel tonight! Sorry, Baby! I broke the bank! 😜

Happy Friday, my sistahs & brothas! I can't think of a better way to start the day than record shopping. I picked up the #limitededition of the new @thexx album #iseeyou at @playderecord and can't wait for work to end so I can get home and give it a spin with the rest of the jems I picked up! Have a great weekend y'all!
#vinyl #wax #waxiswhereitisat #thexx #rekkids!!!

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