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Floating spider

100% agree with these words. Love can be one-sided, it doesn’t necessarily need to be returned. If you genuinely love someone, you shouldn’t even care whether she/he loves you as much as you do to her/him or not. All that matters is that YOU love him/her. Why do we care in the first place? I was thinking about this question and then i think it’s because human are possessive. This is what i’ve been thinking in my mind all this time but i couldn’t put it into words because i didn’t know how to. Also, i’m talking about love in the context of friendship. Please don’t misunderstand lol.

We (me and my mom’s maid, bik Dar) made rainbows for you, yes YOU !!!

I found the Moon and venus for you yesterday @pikaahhhhh

I found a rainbow for you @aimisyuhada_

i love this picture bcs it’s funny 😂

I think up until now, he’s the cutest kid i’ve ever seen

Weird tree...for weird soul...like me ha ha

I’m thinking of selling notebooks with hand-drawn covers..do u think anyone will buy these stuffs?

I'm leaving. Bye every body

Oh God, the last photo I posted was on Oct 2015 °O°

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