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CPF Board  Live #centsible with practical finance tips for everyone. Time to show your money who’s in charge.


“Where do I see myself in five years? On my very own king-sized bed.” There are many things we can’t predict in life, but freelance designer Regina knows one for certain – she won’t be able to afford a home without saving for it.
To do so, Regina is thinking of growing her savings with the attractive interest rates by contributing voluntarily to her CPF accounts.
What are you doing to shape your future?

Caring is often as simple as sharing, especially for the 33.7% of married couples in Singapore with only one person drawing a salary*.
If your other half is a full-time homemaker, you can help save for his/her retirement needs by topping up his/her CPF accounts. Check out the link in our bio to find out more! *Information adapted from SingStat

Ouch! Landing yourself in hospital is never good news, but there’s no reason to be worrying about the bills to pay.
Your Medisave savings can cover up to $450 per day of inpatient hospitalisation, and help reduce other out-of-pocket medical expenses from your unexpected stay.

“My personal trainer doesn’t charge me anything – all I need to do is pick up his poop.” For someone who spends most of her time in the air, Ariel is very grounded when it comes to her finances. While she has to keep fit for her roles as stewardess and cheerleader, Ariel doesn’t believe in paying for pricey gym memberships when her dog gives her a run for her money.

Your friend just bought a pricey new game console and you want to follow in his footsteps? The temptation is real 😩🎮 But so is the cost of saying #ialsohave.

Trying to outdo your peers and their purchases is a slippery slope with only one direction. ⬇️ #ICanAdult by making rational decisions and not burn a hole in my pocket.

Don't let your money go extinct! Do your savings a favour and let them grow when you put them in the right place.
#ICanAdult by topping up my Special Account so I benefit from the attractive interest rate of up to 5%*. This will help to build up my retirement savings!

"Pop" goes the overstretched budget! 💥

It’s only natural to want the best for your first home, but going after the most ideal size, location and furnishings may lead to ballooning expenses. #ICanAdult by choosing a house and setting it up within my means.

Here's the secret to getting an affordable BTO: ayr.sg/BTO

Getting enough food and sleep is great, but your future needs are important too. So make retirement your pet project! 🐣

Simply calculate how much you need using the CPF Retirement Estimator over here: ayr.sg/RetirementEstimator

Graduated? ✔

Found a job? ✔

#Achievementunlocked but the learning doesn't stop! #ICanAdult by equipping myself with new skills and gearing up to stay competitive in the workforce.

Keep your home Pinterest-worthy with some budget planning! Tip: Allocate no more than 30% of your monthly salary to loan repayments. #ICanAdult #SofaSoGood

Saving up for your family needs is a 2-player game. Work with your spouse to score that financial goal together — now that's what we call #couplegoals! 👫

Tip: Try making it a rule for each of you to deposit a fixed sum into a joint account every month. And no withdrawing without permission!

Got a lot on your plate at work? Make sure all your time and effort bears fruit for your loved ones. Take a moment to consider how you want your savings to be distributed among those who matter to you too.

#ICanAdult by making a CPF Nomination for the people I love.

Here are 3 things you should know before making your nomination: ayr.sg/CPFnomination

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