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“Where do I see myself in 10 years? I hope my money will be working for me, instead of the other way around.” It has only been 3 years since he began his career in banking, but Xun Xiang (@xunxiang1) is already setting his sights on achieving financial freedom with investments.
Understanding the benefits of starting early, he made his first investment as soon as he built up 6 months of his salary as an emergency fund.

“After trading in four wheels for two, my transport costs cut half as well!” Her internship allowance wasn’t much to begin with, but Jess (@snowashes) still had to get to work and back by bus every day.
With the launch of bike-sharing services, she gave it a go and was surprised by how convenient and affordable it was!

There are two important questions in every Singaporean relationship – one more romantic and the other on the pragmatic side.
After 3 years of working, you and your partner’s CPF contributions should be enough for the downpayment of a 4-room BTO. If you’re planning to get a home together soon, check out the link in our bio to learn more!

Considering additional private insurance coverage on top of your MediShield Life coverage? Here’s what you’ll be paying for when you take up an Integrated Shield Plan! - An increase in coverage from $100K a year to up to $150K a year
- Coverage designed for Class B1 and above wards
- Your choice of doctor when seeking treatment
More information here: ayr.sg/MSHLvsIP

Look out if you are using your CPF savings to pay for a home!
The amount you can use may be subject to the Valuation Limit (VL) and/or Withdrawal Limit (WL), depending on your type of property and loan.
Plan your route ahead with these limits in mind, so you’ll have enough for both housing and retirement needs. Find out how here: ayr.sg/UsingCPFforhouse

From consultations to ultrasound scans, the Medisave Maternity Package allows you to claim up to $900 in pre-delivery charges from Medisave! Find out how at ayr.sg/MedisaveMaternityPackage
Tip: Don’t forget to keep the receipts and submit them to the hospital where your child is delivered!

“We tend to overthink a lot as parents, but it all boils down to identifying what’s truly necessary.” Before shopping for her first baby, claims officer Soffie made it a point to learn from the experience of other mums and only get the essentials.
Her best buy? A baby carrier she has been using for the past 3 years and will continue to use for her next child due July!

Welcoming a little one to the family? Other than the sleepless nights and nappy changes, you’ll also need to prepare for the financial costs of raising a child up to adulthood – which can range from $200,000 to nearly $1 million*. One way to save for your child is to make deposits to his Child Development Account, because the Government will match these savings dollar-for-dollar! Find out more here: po.st/saveforyourchild. *Information adapted from Today

“What some people mistake for the high cost of living is really the cost of high living.” - Doug Larson
Are you spending more than what you can afford to impress your date? Going on a hunt for affordable eats can make for a memorable evening as well!
Share your favourite hawker centre haunts with us!

“Where do I see myself in five years? On my very own king-sized bed.” There are many things we can’t predict in life, but freelance designer Regina (@Re1komaru) knows one for certain – she won’t be able to afford a home without saving for it.
To do so, Regina is thinking of growing her savings with the attractive interest rates by contributing voluntarily to her CPF accounts.
What are you doing to shape your future?

Caring is often as simple as sharing, especially for the 33.7% of married couples in Singapore with only one person drawing a salary*.
If your other half is a full-time homemaker, you can help save for his/her retirement needs by topping up his/her CPF accounts. Learn more at ayr.sg/transfertospouse *Information adapted from SingStat

Ouch! Landing yourself in hospital is never good news, but there’s no reason to be worrying about the bills to pay.
Your Medisave savings can cover up to $450 per day of inpatient hospitalisation, and help reduce other out-of-pocket medical expenses from your unexpected stay.

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