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CPF Board  Live #centsible with practical finance tips for everyone. Time to show your money who’s in charge.


You’ve worked hard all year to unlock your 13th month bonus (Annual Wage Supplement)! If you’re among the lucky ones, remember to check if your CPF contributions are accurate, as bonuses are one of the payment types that attract CPF contributions.
Keep track so you don’t lose out!

"I was worried about getting my girlfriend an engagement ring that wouldn't fit her perfectly, so I proposed with a ring pop before we went shopping for the real thing." @bryannnlim always plans ahead for his financial goals. So when it came to starting a new chapter with his girlfriend, he made sure that everything else would fit too! This meant planning his wedding budget down to the last detail to ensure that they wouldn't overspend.
Visit ayr.sg/newlyengaged for finance tips for the newly engaged!

Being a full-time working mum can be tough with many duties to juggle in the office and at home.
While you’re busy saving for your family’s needs, don’t forget to plan for yourself by making regular contributions to your retirement savings!
Click 'Learn more' for tips on how the working mum can plan for a financially secure retirement.

“I used to think that sales were a great way to save money, but actually the best way to save is not to spend at all.” With Singles’ Day sales happening now, Ben (@ikantsee) is going on a #spendingdiet and resisting the illusion of #savingmoney by limiting his purchases.

Are you finding it difficult to grow your retirement nest egg?

Timothy from DollarsandSense faces this problem as a self-employed person with an irregular income. To work around it, he transfers his CPF Ordinary Account savings to his Special Account (SA), taking advantage of its higher interest rates of up to 5% p.a.

For more of his tips to achieving financial security while being self-employed, visit ayr.sg/growmyretirement

“Buying kopi instead of café coffee cuts my caffeine spending by $20 each week!” Are your daily café treats draining your savings? @kelynphua makes daily trips to nearby cafés before work for her caffeine fix. On a personal challenge, she cuts down by buying kopi instead, getting the same caffeine fix for less money!
Check out the link in our bio to see how you can turn small savings into big investments for your future.

“To save money I’m always looking out for promo codes, but honestly taking public transport saves me even more money and gives me time to work on learning Korean!” @xxhhanis frequently takes taxis to work, which results in transportation taking up a large proportion of her expenses. To save money, she is challenging herself by limiting travel expenses to public transport only. With the extra time spent commuting, she has more time in her busy work day to learn a new language!
How do you take advantage of the extra time on daily commutes?

“I used to save my own money as a kid, so I bought a piggy bank for my son so that he can start saving young too!” Hong Li (@sagaseed) even matches every cent that her son saves to encourage it as a good habit.
You can boost your child’s savings with the help of the Child Development Account (CDA), where the savings can be used for healthcare and education. The best part? Your deposits will be matched dollar-for-dollar* by the Government!

More information can be found at ayr.sg/CDA

If your bank account balances are scaring you, it’s time to start budgeting wisely! Know your budget inside out by tracking your expenses and regularly setting aside some savings to give the future you peace of mind.
Check out ayr.sg/budgetingtips for 3 easy budgeting techniques anyone can pick up!

If the size of your debt is keeping you up at night, it’s time to start maintaining a healthy debt-to-income ratio, which is roughly 35% (according to MoneySense).
Avoid the debt trap to give yourself a good night’s rest!
Get tips on how you can better manage your finances at ayr.sg/avoiddebttrap

Does being in debt ever pay off?

Having good debt, such as education or housing loans, can actually increase your net worth and generate future income!

Bad debt from car loans and credit cards, however, provides depreciating or no value in the long term.

Learn how to differentiate between good debt and bad debt at ayr.sg/goodvsbaddebt

Don’t underestimate the importance of an emergency fund even when times are good! Maintain a reserve of 3 to 6 months’ worth of expenses to protect yourself during unexpected life events!
For more money tips, check out this link: ayr.sg/moneytips

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