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CPF Board  Live #centsible with practical finance tips for everyone. Time to show your money who’s in charge.

The earlier you get your long-term savings plan rolling, the more you can live it up in the future! Working towards financial freedom while you're young will set you up to enjoy your retirement the way you want to. Head on to our bio link to see how you can get your retirement party started!

Until our next #CPFBudgetChallenge, you can catch up on our other ways to save while living the life you want through this hashtag: #30before30SG 😎

“Sorry there’s no WIFI at the beach.” In a hyper-connected world, being disconnected could give you a serious case of FOMO — or the uninterrupted rest and relaxation you need. 💆‍♀💆‍♂ Take a WIFI break today but remember to come back for more in our #30before30SG Budget Challenge! We've got one last tip for you so keep a look out for it. 👀

Feeling wise with a jaw full of wisdom teeth? Here's a tip to using that wisdom to save more: Your Medisave savings can be used to offset the cost of your various healthcare and medical needs like wisdom tooth surgery. Learn more about the uses of Medisave in po.st/UsesofMedisave.
Make more wise financial decisions by joining the #30before30SG Budget Challenge where we share ways you can enjoy life while saving for the future!

What’s the easiest way to explore Singapore’s extensive 150km park connector route? By bicycle!

So why not set off on a two-wheeled outdoor adventure with friends AND keep an active lifestyle?

We’re nearing the end, but hold on for more in our #30before30SG Budget Challenge as we share ways you can live the life you want on a budget!

As Singaporeans, we often find it hard to express our love and care for our parents in words. This Mother’s Day, how about showing your mum you care by providing a restful retirement? A small gesture like topping up her CPF savings that earns up to 6% interest will go a long way to support her #goldenyears. ☺
Find out more about supporting your parents using CPF in ayr.sg/SupportYourParents!
We’re in the last leg of our #30before30SG Budget Challenge—stay tuned for more through the rest of the week!

Give yourself peace of mind when you save regularly for your future!
#DidYouKnow that your CPF contributions go into three different accounts to help you save for three important financial needs? The Ordinary Account helps you save for housing, the Medisave Account for healthcare, and the Special Account for your retirement!
Visit ayr.sg/freshgrads to find out all you need to know about your CPF accounts, and catch up on our #30before30SG Budget Challenge for ways you can live a fulfilling life while saving for the future.

#DidYouKnow that your age has nothing to do with your ability to pick up a new language?
Don’t limit your vocab to just food from the menu. 🍤🍥🍣🍙 You can satisfy your appetite for language learning with free online resources for a brain workout!

Stay tuned for more in our #30before30SG Budget Challenge as we share 30 ways to live the life you want while saving for the future!

Does it bum you out when you’re not up-to-date with the latest info?
You shouldn’t have to miss important updates on your finances, such as your monthly CPF contributions. Check if they are accurate with ‘my cpf’ via the app or our website!
Visit po.st/myCPFapp and stay tuned for more in the #30before30SG Budget Challenge for ways to live a fulfilling life while journeying to #financialsecurity!

You might cut carbs for weight loss, but you definitely shouldn’t cut back on your savings!

#DidYouKnow your monthly CPF contributions are automatically portioned to complement saving for your changing needs over time? For those 35 and below, 23% of your total salary goes into your Ordinary Account (OA) to support your first home purchase, while 6% and 8% go towards saving for your healthcare and retirement respectively. Visit ayr.sg/CPFsavings to find out more!

Sit tight for more in our #30before30SG Budget Challenge to help you live the life you want while journeying towards #financialsecurity!

When was the last time you volunteered? Lending a helping hand at your local charity is one meaningful way to give back, and doesn’t cost a thing. When it comes to #doinggood, you can donate more than money!

Keep a look out for more #30before30SG Budget Challenges, where we share 30 enriching activities you can do on a budget!

Give your family some financial protection by keeping term life #insurance in your financial plan! With the Dependent's Protection Scheme (DPS), your loved ones will receive payouts to tide them through the first few years should you suffer from terminal illness, total permanent disability, or death.
Did you know that you probably already enjoy this coverage? Singaporeans and Permanent Residents who have made their first CPF contribution are automatically included under DPS, and are covered worldwide for a fixed period. Visit ayr.sg/DPS to find out more!
Stay tuned for more #30before30SG Budget Challenges, where we share 30 ways to lead a fulfilling life while working towards #financialsecurity.

What’s a #bucketlist without marvelling at nature’s wonders? Before you set your eyes on the Northern Lights, explore the galaxy from right here – peer through the telescopes of the Science Centre or Andromeda Observatory without causing a dent in your wallet!
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