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Christos P  Now shooting in Texas. Cameras not firearms.

{ Blood & Sweat - but Mostly Sweat } \\ It has been way too humid in the Houston area recently. Too hot to go out, even the pool is an unprecedented 93°F. That's pretty much a bath. This little project kept me entertained while everybody sleeps.

{ Tea & Tattoos}

{ Dragonfly} \\ I've noticed we have a regular guest hummingbird visiting our yard. So I pitched up with a macro lens setup to see if I could pull it off. He didn't visit, but I learned a lot shooting this dragonfly. Mostly that I would have failed to capture the hummingbird even if he did come. Back to the drawing board.

{ Manhattan } \\ Name suggested by my six year old daughter. Made sense.

{ Piccadilly Circus } \\ You have to get up pretty early to see it this lonely. And even then...Pigeons and Lovers. Which would be the name of my rock band, if I could play an instrument or sing.

{ DUMBO } \\ Thank you person with strange hat. You make photos more interesting.

{ Composite } \\ A bit of fun with #adobephotomix #starsandstripes #brooklynbridge #thenewyorktimes. Flag is from "The Grey Dog" restaurant in NYC. #thegreydog

{ A Bridge to Sell } \\ ultra wide capture of the Brooklyn Bridge. #architecture #engineering #bridge #Brooklyn #manhattan #brooklynbridge

{ Sunset in the Neighbourhood }

{ Trip to the Garden Store }

{ Ride Me }

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