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Coyu  @suaramusic Big Cat & Animal Lover 🌱

This North American tour has been unbelievably good and inspiring. It finished in Denver last night with a 4h set at the mighty Beta. I had 8 fantastic shows in 11 days, and there’s no better way to celebrate it with the release of my biggest track of the year, The Last Generation, collab with the Chicago legend Green Velvet. Hope you like it! 🦁💚 Link to the track on my bio

LA & SF were A-M-A-Z-I-N-G on Fri & Sat. Sold out in LA & super packed in SF as you can see on the video. This has been my best North American tour in the last 9 years. THANKS to everybody who came to any of my 7 shows over the last 10 days. Let’s finish it in style tonight at the dope @betanightclub in Denver. Big Love from The Big Cat ❤️






This is the face of someone who has missed his first flight in a full decade as a international touring DJ. There was a car accident on the road and arrived 53 min before departure, the flight was closed 7 min before. But no worries, I bought a new flight and I’ll arrive on time for my 4h set at which I heard its gonna sold out. THANKS to everybody who came to @baramericas yesterday for my 6h set which finally were 7, full house on a Thursday night and surreal vibe all night long. See you in a few hours in LA for another music journey full of techno, disco, prog, acid, house and everything in between... 🖤

Ready for tonight. 6 hours set 🔥

A C I D V I B E S 👽

This former Birthday Boy (it was yesterday!) wants to express his gratitude for all your support and good wishes. For another magic year of music & cats together. Meow! 🖤

Hey Phoenix, you better be ready for my set at @shadyparktempe I’m on a disco & funky mood today 🔥 Big thanks to everybody who came last night at @itlldoclub Like Dallas hero @djredeyedallas said, it was a mini DC10. What a vibe! You healed my wounds. You were amazing. Dope debut! Thanks 🖤

When you get out of your comfort zone things are not always easy. The truth is that I didn’t get 100% satisfied with my set last night in NYC. I played a mix between electro, EBM, acid, all very nasty, raw, underground, trippy (and yes, risky too), and I didn’t feel the crowd got completely connected with me and the music I played. Since the beginning I started to think that I should have played a bit safer, because at the end of the day a DJ wants to make ppl happy. But I keep trying to take the crowd into an LSD techno journey‪. ‬‪That’s what I had promised you. Well, tbh when I went to sleep, I was a bit sad. I thought the mission wasn’t 100% achieved. I’m not being negative. It was good, I think we all had good fun... it was not perfect tho. Then I woke up with messages like “no one plays like you played here last night”, “you don’t understand how hard it is to get artists to play that sound here‪”, “last night was amazing, one of my fav nights ever” or “the entire crowd was DIGGIN it, all of my friends and I were boppin“, and to be honest, I’m starting to feel a bit better now. Thanks for understanding & allowing me to take you to places you never been before 🖤 Ready for Dallas tonight and Phoenix tomorrow 🔥

👽👽Embrace The Unexpected👽👽
Montreal was 🔥 for a Thursday. See you tonight at @elsewherespace Brooklyn for another sidereal journey 💊

Don’t trust a DJ who plays the same tracks all the time. Trust the one who gives you what you didn't know you wanted.

Last rays of sun ☀️ at home before heading to North America for 8 shows in 11 days 🇨🇦🇺🇸🇲🇽

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