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Kissa Sins  ⛵️Digital Nomad 📍Currently: Tulum, Mexico ✈️Next stops: Bali, Maldives, Fiji, Tonga

Thinking about how my thighs got this big

I went freediving in this beautiful cenote yesterday and did 33m (108ft) and it was sooooooo beautiful!!!!!!! ((Freediving is no tank/oxygen... just one breath🙂))Cenote diving is so different from ocean diving and I’m obsessed with it. It’s so fun exploring the caves under the side walls and underwater!! #cenote #cenotes #tulum #mexico #freediving

This was the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen in my life. Mexico, you are truly beautiful. #cenote #cenotes #tulum #mexico #lifeisbeautiful

To my best friend, my partner in crime since 2004... thank you for mobbing with me to EDC we were the best pair together it was our first year in 15yrs going alone and it was perfect. You are my soul I love you so much!!!!!!! @misskittyog also peep @funtcaseuk merch @dpmouk #stoners #roor #ravers #edcvegas

Thank you for another perfect festival @pasqualerotella @edc_lasvegas it’s not even a festival anymore it’s a city of love 😍😭 love you guys

EDC was as good as it always is. My home!!!!!!!!! So amazing to be around 100k+ people every day and everyone is in a good fucking mood I love ravers I love you guys. What a blast... of course I took 0 photos cuz I’m ALWAYS too busy having way too much fun at raves to take pics. Thank you @pasqualerotella @edc_lasvegas @misskittyog @randyseidman love you guys ♥️ #edc #edclasvegas #guestlistbitch

My girl slayed my makeup as per usual 😍🔥 @idomakeupnhair ON MY WAY TO EDC DAY 2!!!! #edclasvegas #edc #edcvegas #ravemakeup come find me at the Basspod all night!!!!!!!

On our way to @edc_lasvegas!! Follow me on my Instagram story I’ll add an EDC Highlight so you can follow the shit show lolz @misskittyog #edc #edclasvegas #ravemakeup @idomakeupnhair

What countries should I visit this year??!!😍 #travel #wanderlust

Do thick thighs really save lives? If so I must have saved many lives? Do I get an award for that? Lmk

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