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As the last week of summer break begins I've been trying to squeeze in as many things to do as possible. Especially before the stress of school hits me. The first few weeks of school are always the worst. Adjusting to the schedule makes me want to quit school every time. There is nothing more I hate than having to get up at 7-8 AM for classes with working 3rd shift (after going through this so many times it only gets more difficult). As some of you know the struggle and deal with the same thing. Anyways I hope that riding trails, going to the park, and hitting the gym will help me get through the first few weeks of school and stick to it.

A lot harder than I was thinking but still having a blast. Glad I brought a bag with water and snacks or I'd be passed out 😵

So I went to the gym early yesterday and did shoulders. Then had to go to the park for a second workout because my first one was horrible. The environment at the gym can be so terrible sometimes (not every gym). People are just rude and antisocial. I'm not saying go to the gym to socialize but be nice to people. Just because someone makes eye contact with you or is using something you need doesn't give you the right to be rude. Just ask! We are all there for the same reason. If people would just ask I know I would be more that happy to let someone work in between sets. But noooo everyone has their egos and thinks they are better than the next person. They may be. The thing is some of the most humble people may be the ones you look up to. In contrast at the park. People are smiling and waving to others and it makes it that much better. Working out is already difficult so encourage others and help them reach their goals while you reach your own. That's all ✌️ my workout at the park was far better than at the gym and I didn't have any weights.

After more than 12 hours of paint correction on this thing I finally have it looking to my standards. Before pictures are at the end... Still have about 4 hours left on it but I was stoked to see it out in the sun for the first time. I even impressed myself.

Finally reached my goal of 315 for 10 reps. I know it's not much weight but I'm working on my strength. Especially since this it the first time I have done deadlifts for longer than a week. Time to set more goals and stay motivated

Makes me want to get a RWD car in my life now! Import was fun but it was crazy hot out.

It's what I do best.

Being that I have always hated doing deadlifts and I have only been doing them for 3 weeks consistently. I started with 315 for 1 rep max (not that great) by week three I was able to do 315 for 4 reps. My goal now is to get 315 for 10 in another three weeks so I guess I will see

Just out kayaking on this amazing day. Anyone know of some good places to go kayaking?

Arm day pump. I hate going to the gym and it being so crowded that I can barely do my workout. I just want to workout in peace with my music

My favorite part about detailing is the before and after

Time invest in a kayak. I never knew this was so close to my house

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