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Aimee Clark  #countrymusic | nature | rodeo | camping | barefoot / cowboy boots | real food - #SunshineCoast #QLD 🌄

Just swanning about.

Gee I love it out there 🌿

"C'mon Chloe, let's go again!". Float downstream, run back up, float again.

So much fun! 💦 ☀ 🌿

#nieceandnephewtime #bestauntyever #campingtrip

Happy little campers!

On the hunt for 🐰. We spotted hares about a dozen times and @primal_ralph even had a few shots at em but no joy. The kids loved going on so many hunts though.


I only sat down in the coooold creek water so of course Chloe decided to splash me to get me fully wet! 💦
Little sh*t! 😂

🌿 Only just leaving camping with the niece and nephew and already missing it.

We had So. Much. Fun.!! Lots of creek and river swimming, floating on pool rings and giggling.

Best camping trip ever!

CAMPING!! Two nights in the country with a couple of crazy kids, singing to pop songs on the way, already havin a blast! 🎶 ♥ 🌿 ☀️ 💦 👣

Sunrise riverside walks... Not a bad way to start the day ☀ 👣 🌿

Cannot go for a walk without picking this fruit. Lovin' lilly pilly season!! ♥️ Even had an interesting conversation with a lady who asked me what I was doing.


Gotta love a giant trash fire🔥

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