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Aimee Clark  #countrymusic | nature | rodeo | camping | barefoot / cowboy boots | real food - #SunshineCoast #QLD 🌄

I made this today. Lilly Pilly Chocolate. Not bad. 😋 ♥ 🍫

⚠ Warning: excessive free glasses of sparkling moscato at your mums local chemist VIP member night may lead to extreme bouts of silliness! 😂


"life's too short for serious poses in photos" that's my new saying. I want it on a shirt. 😂

🎸🎙️🎤Expanding @robynclark55 record collection at the @waxbuildup Record Fair today. She got a few goodies, can't wait to have a listen to some, nothing beats the sound of tunes on vinyl 🎶

☀ Mondays are for sunbaking.

OK not all day but for an hour during lunch anyway!

Picking up a heap of reserved bushfoods books from the library, grabbed some CDs too and looky what I spotted in the mix! @traviscollinsonline

Moving my hair feathers to a new spot. I love that @primal_ralph worked out how to do this, it's so cool!

And still kinda blokey, he is using pliers from his tool kit after all 😂

Strong coffee + good chats with lovely ladies ☕ ♥

🐟 No time for fishing so shop bought wild caught whiting will do! Flavoured with Native Gympie Lime and sided with crispy white flesh sweet potato fries. 😋

Big day. Hot day. Fun day. Tiring day. Definitely enjoying this G+T.

My scary excited face when I pick my first lot of ripe lilly pilly fruits for the season.
😂 😲 😋🤣
#urbanforaging #bushfood #foragingaddict

Sunset through the trees from the top of a mountain.

Went the wrong path to try catch the sunset properly. .. Oops! Still pretty though ☀