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Cowbutt Crunchies Cosplay  A cosplay couple who crafts wigs, dresses & armor! ✨ Next con: Holmat ✨Visit our Patreon for free tutorials, help, & to donate to cat rescues

For our first Holiday Matsuri, we've basically pushed the 🎄Festive Upgrade🎄 button on our old cosplays! Who are we going to see at con? 😀  On Friday we'll be wearing Ugly Stepsisters with @ilabelle_ before Raisins/South Park in the evening. Then on Saturday we'll be annoying everyone in Secret Tunnel followed by a relentlessly reindeer-themed Thor.  It's been a long time since we've been to a Florida con, so we're super excited to hang out with a bunch of folks that we usually don't see - definitely say hi if you see us!! Photos by @elementalphotodesign  @dtjaaaam and @sam_saturn  #cosplay #holidaymatsuri #holmat #holidaymatsuri2018 #holmat2018

More Katsucon throwbacks!  We're two months out and I am already dreading this crunch - I've been working away on Helga since September and there's still so much to do.  I'd actually completely finished Seraphim way before Katsu last year, so she was a breeze to put together in comparison!
Photo by @valentinpictures
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Swipe for the full photo! I remember how cold and windy it was taking this shot at Katsucon... fingers crossed that the weather is nice since my cosplay this year includes no shirt!  @chezphotocosplay managed to snap this picture in just a few minutes before I froze to death - speed is always the name of the game at Katsu 😀 (Also for folks who haven't worked with her yet, check out the giveaway she's holding until Dec 15!) #cosplay #sakizou #katsucon #sakizoucosplay #worbla

For Helga's helmet I made a large number of Thibra filigrees using a silicone mold!  This video follows the basic process I used, which mostly just involved a lot of careful arranging to make sure that the plastic fit perfectly within all of the edges.  Unlike resin, it's really easy for plastic to look messy if you don't take the time to remove excess or hollow out any raised areas of the mold.

Silicone fingertips like the pink one I have here or heat-proof gloves like the ones from @cosplaysupplies are great options if you don't enjoy burning your fingers - or you can just be a doof like me and use your hands!  One big advantage to using plastics like Thibra, Worbla, or Deco/Crystal Art in molds is that - unlike resin - they are flexible when heated and very sticky, which is great for sticking onto curved surfaces like this or modifying the shape to fit your needs.

For more fun Thibra molding examples, check out @downen_creative_studios ! And for black worbla uses, you can find some examples in out Haikyuu armor!

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Worthy!! 🌩️ We're so excited for all the new Marvel news this week... anyone have a favorite for 2019 they're looking forward to?  I'm counting down the days until Avengers punts my soul to the curb again. 📸 By @sam_saturn - check out her account for a video of how this shot was made!

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Ever had a project that you just can't stop tweaking?  I'm forcing myself to put down Helga's helmet for a little while because it's pretty close to finished!

This thing was such a weird shape, I ended up using a lot of different materials for the various pieces, which required thinking about each part individually.  For super lightweight horns, I used @kamuicosplay 's nifty eva foam patterning method before burning in the texture.  The remaining bulk was constructed from Thibra with Worbla on the underside for strength, with cut PU foam patterns pressed into the plastic.  I've mentioned it in a recent post, but Thibra is tough to use for flat pieces but great for absorbing texture like this or molding.  Finally, there's a little bit of 3d printing going on for the black pieces that needed to be really symmetrical!

#cosplay #katsucon #katsucrunch #cosplayprogress #cosplaywip #cosplayarmor #foamsmith

We love the year to year #cosplaylevelup meme @hsc_abby and @sarahshortcakecosplay posted, so here's our own! We've been cosplaying a long time, but in 2010 we started taking on more ambitious projects and trying out new materials!  Here's our favorites from each year:

2018: Sewing Costumes (Original)
2017: Seraphim (Sakizou) and Purah (Legend of Zelda)
2016: Haikyuu (Original AU design)
2015: Necromancer and Apprentice (Sakizou)
2014: Poe Sisters (Legend of Zelda)
2013: Ancestors (Homestuck)
2012: Historical Disney
2011: Narnia
2010: Steampunk Zombie Hunters

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I've been thinking hard about my next projects, and once Helga is done I really want to make some more over the top wigs!  I feel like folks really like these, and I had a blast making the Pokemon wigs last summer.  A project like Eeveelutions or another "set" of things like monsters or food sounds fun!  Anyone have some really over the top suggestions, or favorite fandom wigs they'd like to see? The more bizarre the better! 📸 by @kamerapeople

#cosplay #cosplaywig #cosplayersofinstagram #cosplayer #pokemoncosplay #wigs

Thibra is a temperamental material to work with, but amazing for texturizing!  We've had a lot of folks ask how we created both the embossed texture and the raised white pattern on Helga's armor, so here's a short little video on that process.  First I drew my raised pattern and cut it out of foam vinyl using our Cricut Maker.  This stuff is technically heat transferable, but the Thibra is so sticky, just pressing the vinyl into the heated plastic was enough to bond it.  For the embossing I pressed a leaf finding into the heated Thibra, and filling gaps with a ball tool really helped solidify the design.  Using Vaseline was a little overkill for these metal tools, but definitely use some if you're stamping with plastic!

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Keep it secret. Keep it safe. 🗡️
Anyone up for more Lord of the Rings Adventures? All of our Dragoncon photos are very serious, but all we want to do for our next shoot is dress up as the hobbits and drive to McDonald's. 🍟 Photo: implodecosplay . With @teriericosplay
@jjpyropi @commiaownist @ilabelle_@ivorivet @jerkfishpiratetron@anthony__orange

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It's that time of year again: get ready for our Cosplay Black Friday roundup!! What sales are you looking forward to?
This year's announcements have seen some very last-minute timing so this list will keep changing. However if you’re looking to stock up on wigs, lenses, makeup, or fabric for the 2019 con season, now’s a great time to do it - you can find a full link to the guide in our bio, comment with any missing vendors, and be sure to share with your friends to help out your fellow cosplayers!

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🐍🐍 Drama Queen 🐍🐍
Is it even possible to overdo the dramatic lighting with this cosplay? I feel like that's impossible where Loki's concerned. Another awesome shot from @aleestudios at Dragoncon!

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