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Cowbutt Crunchies Cosplay  Wigs, big dresses, and armor! ✨ Next con: Comicpalooza ✨Visit our Patreon for free tutorials & more progress, 1-on-1 help, & to donate to cat rescues!

Apparently I need a cosplay to match my wig, so I'm working on Ivysaur's dress this week! I picked up a bunch of this great lace applique on Etsy and arranged them into a bodice shape - with them all pinned down I just need to stitch each of the flowers to the chiffon!

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Our schedule at Houston Comicpalooza is up!! Aside from panels and judging I'll be hanging out at our table, where I'll have a bunch of free mini tutorials and photos to give away, as well as some adorable patches from @giraffe_cos .  I'll also be working on Loki's smocking and answering any cosplay-related questions you guys have, so be sure to stop by and keep me company!! Panel schedule is below, including a wig panel on how to make stuff like my Pidgeot wig, which @martieb_photo got this fabulous shot of! 😀 .
✨ Meet & Greet :: Autograph Area - Hall E ✨ Fri, Sat, and Sun: 12:30pm to 1:30pm, plus some other times!  I'll announce on IG when else I'll be around. .
✨ Cosplaying with Thermoplastics ✨ Friday: 6pm to 7pm Room 352A .
✨ Level Up Your Wig Styling ✨ Saturday 11:00 am to 12:00 pm Room 351B .
✨ Cosplay Guest Q & A ✨ Sunday 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm Room 351D .
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Added that final row of hair spikes to Charizard, which means this last Pokemon wig is all finished!! This one was made for @jjpyropi to wear at Colossalcon, and even though I had the most trouble designing it, I ended up really liking the undercut.  Whenever making spikes I always like blending the fiber together for more of a pop, and this one was done with teal, light blonde, and fire orange fiber from @ardawigs .  Only two more weeks until we get to wear these at Colossalcon!! #cosplay #cosplayprogress #cosplaywip #cosplaywig #colossalcon #colossalcon2018

Working on fixing up my Ruto prosthetic for Colossalcon! This was the first prosthetic I made and I wasn't a fan of the edges - hopefully it'll look better with some patching and a new paint job! This was made from mask latex, with urethane foam on the inside.

#colossalcon #cosplay #legendofzelda

Countdown to Colossalcon!! Colossal is always a great time to pull out original designs like our Star Wars swimsuits - plus this photo is very Mother's Day appropriate. 😀

Rey: @cowbuttcrunchies / Leia: / @ilabelle_ / Amidala: @teriericosplay / Photography: @thevalderanaphotos

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Finished some good horns for a mean boy!  I'm eventually going to attach these to an under-wig headpiece for security, but they're actually so light that they just stay on with tape and elastic right now.  Thibra is a pretty light thermoplastic because of the lack of filler, especially after laying it on top of a foam core like these.  The little pearlyart snek scrollworks were surprisingly hard to design - I tried staying with Ringerike style mostly, but just ended up fudging a bunch of it.

Much happier with my second makeup test too - up next is all of the smocking!

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I'll be headed to @houstoncomicpalooza in just three weeks! Which of my Texas cosplayers will I see there? 😀 Be sure to swing by for some Worbla and wig related panels and head over to our booth as well with any cosplay questions! I'll actually be guesting this con solo, so the company is always welcome!! Naktis is too big to fly down unfortunately, but instead enjoy this photo from @jwaidesign ! #coaplay #katsucon

Our Colossalcon lineup is set - give us a shout if anyone is interested in meeting up or grabbing some photos!! Right now the plan is to wear Pokemon wigs, Rey, and South Park on Friday, with Ruto, Shiek, and our Avatar secret tunnel group on Saturday!  Fortunately we've got a lot of the prep work done already, although I definitely need to work on fixing Ruto up for con.

Photos by @ken_ad (Ruto) @sam_saturn (Ivysaur) @thevaldman (Rey)

#colossalcon #cosplay #zeldacosplay

Firestarter! 🔥Added Charizard's fire spikes to the mix for the last wig in this series - I don't totally love the shape of those top spikes, but aside from fixing those this wig is finished!  Base supplies started with a Magnum and wefts from @ardawigs in fire orange, teal, and light blonde. Keep your eyes peeled on their channel for some quick video tutorials later this month on how to make both the scales and the spikes right before we wear these at Colossalcon.

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Finished up the wig scales for Charizard! This is a similar technique to my fish scales that just involves bending the wig fiber and glueing it into place, but I thought the spikes looked more dragonish! Expect a short video tutorial on this too - it's pretty easy to do!

#cosplay #cosplayprogress #cosplaywig #cosplaywip #colossalcon

Another lovely Seraphim shot from @sorairo_days !! Sorry for the quiet lately, guys - Infinity War followed by Cosplay Weekend wrecked me good.  Finally back to working on some good progress though!

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We're beyond excited to be chatting with the amazing @chinbeard of Punished Props tonight at 8pm EST!! Punished Props makes the coolest builds, and it makes us itch to make another big armor set like Tsukki's feathers.  Be sure to submit any Q&A questions you have ahead of time with the below link, and check out the live stream at and on the Punished Props Twitch channel.  See you guys then!

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