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Jane Cowan  Seeing the light, feeling the feels. Former foreign correspondent, photojournalist. This is my visual notebook. Infused with yoga & coffee.

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"The kids end up with us and then if there's no support there, you're raising another generation who are dependent on the government. And we're trying to stop that. But we can't do it by ourselves." #kinship #carer #family #grandparents #love Link to full story in profile ✏️ Josie Taylor 📷 @cowanify

There are moments when Sarah Smethurst feels like the smartest, luckiest person alive. Like when the sun is streaming through her windows and she's sitting eating the cake she's just baked on her wood-fired combustion oven. "The thought of living in a two-bedroom brick house makes me want to cry," she laughs. "It's a great position for lots of people but it wasn't something I wanted to do. It just doesn't appeal to me, having a big space that I fill up with stuff that I don't need that I then need a job to pay for. It just seemed like a nonsensical cycle to me." At 28, she's the only one of her four siblings, other than her younger brother, who doesn't have a mortgage. A tiny house has been central to this unencumbered lifestyle: there is no debt, no repayments to make. 🏡 From the story Build, buy or bust? Finding a home in a mad market. Link in profile #housingmarket #housingaffordability #home #tinyliving #melbourne #property

"A person who is connected with their heart and leads with that can never be broken," says Thompson. "They will always find a way to get back up and try again." When her doctor couldn't help her through a debilitating bout of postnatal depression, Shantelle Thompson turned to jiu-jitsu. What began as a struggle to conquer her own mind led to glory on the world stage. | Strong woman. I was sweating just photographing this powerhouse of a human. 🥊Link to Mary Gearin's piece in profile. #jiujitsu #fighter #strongwomen #tough #courage #postnatal #postnataldepression #motherhood

"I think I'm where I'm meant to be," says Megan Bannister aka 'the real Candy'. The Australian film exposed her experience as a heroin addict and prostitute. But, like the fire-ravaged bush around the rural property that she calls her second home, Bannister's life has regenerated. Post addiction and post breakdown there has been motherhood, grandmotherhood, and always, art. #addiction #recovery #redemption #strongwomen #australianstory Link to full story in bio.

"Home, sweet home," Tristian 'TJ' Carpenter says as he steps off the train at Heidelberg in Melbourne's north-east. This is where the 28-year-old grew up and, homeless on and off since he was 17, he still considers it one of the safest places he can be. Home turf. It's here that Carpenter comes each morning to buy a can of energy drink and sit on the shopping centre steps, smoking cigarettes and playing games on his phone — which last week he flew to Brisbane to reclaim from a pawn shop. Today he also bought a block of cheese, but at the check-out had to forfeit the meat he'd got from the deli when it put him over budget. He'd wanted less than a dollar's worth of chicken loaf. "If they could walk a mile in my shoes and deal with what I've got to deal with from day to day, they'd probably end up having a f***ing heart attack about it. Or they'd end up in a psych ward going nuts." #millennials #homeless #poverty #melbourne #youth Link to full story in bio.

"My mum has said to me, you know, 'I gave my two youngest boys to the Army and they still haven't come back'. That hits home pretty hard. The anger part of it is absolutely disgusting. I think back to how I behaved when I was angry and I do to some extent resent my own actions and my behaviour." It was an older brother, also a veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq, who eventually got through. "He pretty much pinned me up against the wall and said, 'No-one cares. No-one cares back here'. And it's true. There's two days a year that people actually give a crap about the military and that's Anzac Day and Remembrance Day. The rest of the time we're on our own and we've got to stick together. It takes some tough love sometimes to help people get the help. But there is help there and it's realising you need it and getting it, they're the two biggest problems." Chris May is one of the more impressive humans I've met in recent times. Now 27, He first went to Afghanistan as a 19-year-old, serving two tours. His combat career was cut short when he was wounded by a roadside bomb, suffering a traumatic brain injury that he lives with to this day, along with the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder. #anzac #ptsd #mentalhealth #lestweforget #adf #military #thankyouforyourservice •••Link to story in profile•••

"Yoga is just psychology done really well. You've got a room of 30 people all doing cognitive behavioural therapy, not calling it CBT, not thinking that's what it is, but giving themselves the ability to know that a thought is a thought, to be able to interrogate it, to let it wash past. What a useful thing to do." Yoga teacher and Master of Community Psychology student Annie Belcher on the intersection of her two passions. Link to story in bio. #yogalife #yogamelbourne #yogainspiration #yogaeverydamnday #meditation #psychology #mindfulness #mentalhealth #millennials

"It's a cloudless pre-dawn morning on Victoria's Surf Coast. The car park at the end of a long, winding road running past forests and paddocks is fast filling as disciples come to pay homage to Huey the weather god. The lines of swell, building from hundreds of nautical miles away deep in the Southern Ocean, quietly roll in through the darkness, before roaring to life as they hit the coastal reefs known to the locals as Winkipop, Rincon and the Bowl. As the first rays of light hit the ocean, they're out there, not wanting to miss a single set. For some, it's a quick early morning surf before work. For others, like Cody Robinson from the nearby town of Jan Juc, this is work." Enjoyed photographing for @cameronbest's story on 20-year-old @codyrobinson_ on the beautiful Great Ocean Road. Worth the 3am get up. Link to story in profile.

Layla, escaping a violent marriage with her daughter Tia, struggles to describe what made her husband hit her. Maybe it's the broken English. Maybe there are no words in any language to explain what allows someone who says he loves you to hurt you. "I loved him, but I chose the wrong man. I believed in him too much. He kept many secrets inside." One year since Victoria's Royal Commission into Family Violence, one woman's story. Contrary to stereotypes, the person most likely to seek help from a homelessness service is a woman aged 25-34. 26 per cent of those seeking help are fleeing family violence. Half are accompanied by a child. #photojournalism #familyviolence #homelessness #family #getsafe #documentary #documentaryphotography #domesticviolence #survive #overcome Link to full story in bio

"It's been pretty tough. It took 4 years 7 months and 26 days to get back on the Australian team. Motivation is a bit like a lover, sometimes it's there and sometimes it's not. As Nike says, just do it. Because action has a momentum to it, a magic to it." 29-year-old Paralympic swimmer-turned-cyclist Hannah Macdougall on living an excellent life with 'a bit missing'. #melbourne #paralympics #amputee #grit #millennials #inspiration #cycling #excellence #cyclinglife #sports Link to full story in bio.

You have to take two lifts to reach the apartment. Inside everything feels thick-walled and hushed. The hubbub of the street is irrelevant 41 floors up. The $1-million-plus view draws you to a deep balcony. From the railing it's as if you could reach out and touch the glinting skyscrapers. "The view from bed is unbelievable," smiles Rodney McMurtrie, an airline pilot. "Once you wake up in the morning and look down the Yarra River from 400 feet above the street you can't ever imagine living down low again." ••• From the story "City vs sprawl: a tale of two Melbournes". Melbourne is growing — upwards in the middle, and outwards at the edges. How does family life in the booming centre compare to the sprawling fringes? #planning #modernlife #cbd #melbourne #melbournelife #family #photojournalism #documentaryphotography #documentary #australianlife ••• Link to full story in bio.

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