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C O V E N  Women 𓁼 Connection 𓁼 Nature Conscious Concept Space Open Monday to Saturday By Appointment 10 - 4 Est. 2016 by @tianawallace Book Below to visit us

"Together we are learning to move from raw emotion and frozen muscles into a flow which emerges deep from within. We are learning to dance our prayers, bleed our words onto the page, laugh our images onto canvas, build our dreams in the world – to transmute and transmit the energy of the Feminine through our bodies and out into the world."
Lucy H. Pearce, Burning Woman #covenshoppewisdom #lucyhpearce #mysticwoman

In history, serpents and snakes represent fertility or a creative life force. As snakes shed their skin through sloughing, they are symbols of rebirth, transformation, immortality, and healing. The ouroboros is a symbol of eternity and continual renewal of life.
In some Abrahamic traditions, the serpent represents sexual desire. According to some interpretations of the Midrash, the serpent represents sexual passion. In Hinduism, Kundalini is a coiled serpent, the residual power of pure desire.
The Great Goddess often had snakes as her familiars—sometimes twining around her sacred staff, as in ancient Crete, and they were worshiped as guardians of her mysteries of birth and regeneration. #covenshoppevision #serpentmythology #mysticwoman

"She is madness, sanity. She is hell, and paradise." Ellen Hopkins. Image from 'Ten Years After' by photographer Yelena Yemchuk. #covenshoppevision #ellenhopkins #yelenayemchuk #mysticwoman

Excerpts on the Full Moon in Pisces cultivation... via @etherealculture 'Venus enters her shadow period next month before stationing retrograde, so we’re preparing for a period of recalibrating love, beauty, art, and justice. Until then, it’s important not to erupt as Mars stations direct. We can continue to take careful steps forward, one foot at a time. We can see what feels right—what aligns with our future selves and most authentic paths. After all, the future is unwritten, and we’re still learning to rewrite it for ourselves—with greater courage and inventiveness. From a place of open heart and vulnerability, we’re redefining our confidence and readying ourselves for new passions, trajectories, and desires. We're aligning with deeper inner strength, which stems from feeling what we feel—without judgement or repression.

On this Pisces Full Moon, may we float in the ocean of limitless love, relaxing with our being. May we stay kind to ourselves as we open to new paths, with shaky excitement for our selves that are taking root...' #covenshoppevision #fullmooninpisces #reconnectionandexpansion #venus #mysticwoman

"Men are visually aroused by women's bodies and less sensitive to their arousal by women's personalities because they are trained early into that response, while women are less visually aroused and more emotionally aroused because that is their training. This asymmetry in sexual education maintains men's power in the myth: They look at women's bodies, evaluate, move on; their own bodies are not looked at, evaluated, and taken or passed over. But there is no "rock called gender" responsible for that; it can change so that real mutuality--an equal gaze, equal vulnerability, equal desire--brings heterosexual men and women together."
Naomi Wolf, The Beauty Myth #covenshoppevision #naomiwolf #thebeautymyth #mysticwoman

'I myself have seen this woman draw the stars from the sky; she diverts the course of a fast-flowing river with her incantations; her voice makes the earth gape, it lures the spirits from the tombs, send the bones tumbling from the dying pyre. At her behest, the sad clouds scatter; at her behest, snow falls from a summer's sky...'
Tibullus, The Works of Tibullus #covenshoppevision #tibullus #mysticwoman

"When you buy something made by a person, there is something special there, and you do feel it. The consciousness with which a thing is made is often more important than the thing itself." J Donald Walters. Handmade Antique Bilum Bag, Papua New Guinea circa 1920 #covenshoppevision #handcrafted #bilum #papuanewguinea #mysticwoman

"There is an expression-walking with beauty. And I believe that this endless search for beauty in surroundings, in people and one's personal life, is the headstone of travel."
Juliette de Bairacli Levy. 'Borassus flabellifer L' by Hortus Indicus Malabaricus, vol. 1: t. 9 (1678) #covenshoppevision #juliettedebairaclilevy #hortusbotanicus

French dancer and muse of  Gustav Klimt, Cléopatra Diane de Mérode (1875 – 1966) #covenshoppevision #cleopatradiana #cleodemerode #mysticwoman

"You see, you learn from all your bad experiences, so they're really positive. It's all part of the cosmic knowing."
Nina Hagen, the Godmother of Punk. #covenshoppevision #ninahagen #mysticwoman

'Untitled' by Adolf Wolfli, 1864 - 1930 #covenshoppevision #adolfwolfi #mysticwoman

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