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Courtyard La  Owned by Alia Meagan. Both vintage and new with worldwide shipping. Customer service 9am-8pm EST M-F. Shop more..

One of our favorite tees from today’s drop. 💕✨ Now up. Link in bio.

Some cuties still available up on our site under the loungewear section. 🌷

TEES NOW UP! 🍒 A selection of 30 new oldies now up. Go get em tiger. 🤗

Sold in record time ⚡️ We’ll be adding loungewear throughout the day, so don’t miss out 🌷Next up... TEES! Also coming to the site today.

Coming today 🕊

Deadstock loungewear being added to site all day today. Keep your eyes peeled for some delicate gems. 👀

Tired of people who don’t own businesses tell me how to run my business. If it’s so easy...

The things you miss when you don’t check our drops. 1930s Kelly dot dress from today. If you don’t want to miss out turn on post notifications. We try to not clog your feed or interrupt that busy life of yours so our posts are kept to less than ten a day. 👌🏽✨

Color palette 🎨

Evergreen coveralls now on site. Two available and link in bio. 🐛

✨Part of our dresses drop today. 1970’s soft yellow princess dress. Now up on site. 🐥

SUMMER DRESSES ARE HERE! Just in time for sweating in places you didn’t know could sweat. 😓 A nice selection of sizes from 0-14 in the mix. 🤗 Link in bio.

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