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courttheclark  Lots of pictures of my kids👱👶⚠

This exemplifies the 2 constant streams of contrasting, adorable, noisy content in my ears. The artist (with his new haircut!) and the one track minded sports maniac😊 I like that they are different. So what will their little brother be like?!

Well this was fun 😂 Fortunately Stuart & I had the afternoon to let this shocking news settle in before sharing with the family (& now you, my friends) tonight. Whoo boy!👦🏼👦🏼👦🏼

This sweet pea has started curling up at my feet during my occasional afternoon rest and dozing off. I thought our napping days were over so this is a sweet little gift😊

Happy New Year! 1st on the agenda for 2017: Baby #3! 😱😁 Due late June.

My turkey crew! 🍽 🙌🏼

A Dalmatian, Luuuuuke and a "fwog"

Homeboy pulled out every toy he owns before finally passing out in bed. All I can see is a tuft of blonde hair + a little elbow around those stuffed animals. Ah, childhood.

Henry goes to preschool😎 I now drive double carpool duty...2 different schools🚙
(gosh they're so cooperative with my little photo shoot aren't they!😜)

Waiting for big brother to get home this afternoon😌

Today was our turn🎉...😌...😭 I'm proud of my brave, determined kindergartener!

We had so much fun at my cousin @megan.emerson16's wedding last night. This photo as we were leaving sums it up. My family likes to dance!

Happy birthday to my main man for life. I love him!