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hello 2019

Bachelorette hometown visits, episode 3

If only I could wake up everyday, not wear makeup, put on a bikini, and swim in the ocean.

A day later but with as much joy, Merry Christmas!


She had a pair of eyes that could start a war

I am finally, in every way, done with my 3rd semester of college. I wanted my IG to become a personal/lifestyle blog but school thought otherwise.
Can I just say: I feel like I deserve my degree already. I had nightmares about my grades. Whoever invented the plus/minus system doesnt deserve to be happy. Balance is key. Relationships (friendly or romantic) take real WORK. Since everyone doesn’t deserve that work, you have to be picky with your time. Staying positive is hard so affirmations are necessary. Thank GOD for a support system. I eat too much CFA. Coffee is my oxygen. Self development is hard but doable. And of course, intentionalism never fails.
College is hard. But its probably the best learning and fun experience I’ve ever encountered. I’ve found out so much about myself and gained a lot of new interest. Politics is cool, pronouns are important, I’m good at math, & music goes beyond Migos & Drake. When the going gets tough, its tough. I’ve heard worse about grad school. Yikes. But I’d rather be here than anywhere else. I can only imagine what A&T has in store for me the next two years. Happy Holidays with a whole lotta Aggie Pride. 💙💛

Your summer in November #dubclub 🥳

Today, I voted in my hometown to make a change. I met this man, in the parking lot of my local polling place, about two years ago who got his skull fractured so people who look like me could fairly cast their ballots. There are so many reasons why its important for young Black Americans to vote and that man next to me is my number one reason (along with 100 more reasons). So go research and cast your ballot because it matters. (& give me a break for my appearance, I had just left swim practice🙄).

Come ride the wave..but don’t drown.

When you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine.

I hope your coffee was strong and your Monday was short.

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