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Listen I love organized activity. I really do. And we do it. And I'm grateful for it and I love it. But I love this more. This is me hiding. They have been instructed: Go. Jump. Play. Go anywhere. Figure it out. Use your brains. Get dirty. Get wet. What can you find? You don't need me to play. One of my biggest soap box issues is how this generation has no freedom or fields or room for independence. Severely over scheduled extremely plugged in. Even as I sit here they come every 15 minutes for me to watch them. Nope. They don't need to play for me to watch. Eventually they stop playing for adornment and play because it's fun. I also hear fighting. You know what guys. Figure it out. Figure. It. Out. Parenting is bone hurting hard these days but sometimes you just have to teach them to be free and give them the space to roam.

No filter needed for this dreamy place.


If you wouldn't mind hitting a knee and say a special and intentional prayer for my father. As of right now he is embarking on a 7ish + hour heart surgery performed by the BEST in the country here at Cleveland Clinic. He of course didn't want anyone to know until he was "out" because that's the kind of man he is. He wouldn't want any fussing. He is the patriarch of my family. If you know me you know I love my daddy and how much I cherish him. Thank you for your prayers. My ultimate father will hold my fathers hand today.

Seriously though. For real. Im not playing. Can we talk for just a minute how handsome/gorgeous these babies are. My stair steppers. My heart. ✋🏼They are all bathed and have fresh hair cuts and new shoes and backpacks and first day outfits. It's glorious. And rare.

5th and 1st. I pray for these babes and that they have a fantastic school year and that their minds grow and expanded. I will never stop being grateful for their education which I dean invaluable. Crew is not going to school we just didn't want him left out. It started raining on us. There might be a remake photo shoot in our future. 😂

The big 4 year old!!!

Happy 4th Birthday my sweet Crew Man. Your my love. You will always be my baby. Forever. Let's have some fun.

Day dreaming about living on my own farm tonight. Willow trees and gardens would be top priority. Somewhere where these three could romp and get into outdoor trouble. @creo42 @julianacox can you find me something 😂 don't care about the house....just the land. #itswhatnashvilleusetobebeforeitgotfancy

Night time pile up.

She got her brothers ready to play a game called "Entourage" 😂 I told her they kind of are her built in entourage for the rest of her life. It's apart of the deal of being a family. She says "I'm not doing anything for the rest of the day without my Entourage, I love having one."

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